Strategies Used by India’s Startup Incubator T-hub

It is popularly believed that in 5 years, out of 100 new startups, 90 would not exist. Incubators are fighting a battle against these odds, helping new businesses and startups survive and avoid a pre-mature death. Let’s find out how.

In medical terms, an incubator is a medical apparatus in which premature babies are placed and are provided with “controlled and protected environment” in order to take care of them. In business terms, an incubator is something that does the same to new businesses, typically startups; it takes care of them and provides control and protection.

In developing countries like India, where resources are scarce and infrastructure is underdeveloped, incubators can make a huge difference between the success and failure of the India Story.

No wonder that when T-Hub, the biggest incubator in India was launched, they called Ratan Tata, the champion of small businesses to inaugurate this. Tata is also an investor in this mega project, and like everything that Tata touches, this one also has excellence written all over it.

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Below, are some of the strategies that the T-Hub is following:

Connect with Intellectual Power Houses

Not only does it have the Indian industry’s brightest name Tata behind it, it has also the collaboration with the Meccas of several fields. It has collaborated with the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad for technical guidance and research, the Indian School of Business (ISB) for management and the NALSAR University of Law for legal guidance. Talk about a dream team!!

Go Global

T-Hub plans to have its branch right in the heart of silicon valley, so that the knowledge, technology and work can be directly accessed by the companies associated with the T-Hub.


Invest in Agritech

In a nation that has most of its population still dependent on its agricultural economy, an agritech startup has a huge potential. Given that in India this field is tragically ignored, T-Hub went shopping, at the right place, Israel. T-Hub signed the memorandum of understanding with StarTau Israeli university, Tel Aviv’s entrepreneurship centre for launching an accelerator program for agritech startups. Now that’s smart!!

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Inspirational Environment

Anyone who does a little tour of the facility cannot help but be inspired. Not only some of the most energetic young minds are there doing what they do the best, the entire environment is stimulating. The buildup is world class and swanky and most of the walls have inspirational posters boldly calling you out. You have Steve Jobs’ poster telling you to be foolish and hungry and Mark Zuckerberg telling you to break things. And yes 70,000 square feet of the inspirational landscape will get the inspirational juices flowing for anyone.


The incubators will determine the fate of the India Story. No wonder several state governments, right from Andhra to Gujarat are aggressively investing in incubators. But the crown jewel of the incubators of India is T-Hub and with a world class dream team of the best of the best behind it and with the right accesses and structured plans, it is set to be the emperor of the incubators.

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