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Statistical significance impact of Incubators on new Startup’s

Incubators are the next stage for startup in-order to withstand and approach investors. Incubators or accelerators has a low impact but can be significant for a startup.

Structuring the startup ecosystem, without incubators and accelerator’s for few startups can take time to create a buzz in the market. But with the rise of incubators there are also a few down points that we plan to cover today. A certain amount of Statistical significance for approaching Incubators is required and analyses what impact or affect are involved.

For a new startup there are more challenges compared to a settled business. Everything required a proper framing in this part. So having services of incubator’s are a plus point. But one thing we fail to realize that an incubator itself is an organized business. They have a structure or more technically a framework, where a startup must fit itself.

Later the startup then goes ahead for investment. What we assume that this can have a small but a kind of significant impact on new startups. It is not really compulsion today for a startup globally chooses an incubator. A startup can flourish on its own if the team is powerful. Most of the service that connect a startup with the startup ecosystem cost money.

Any accelerator program or incubator will have some share or some fee inorder to decide a program for the new startup. This can put pressure on the startup’s to modify their structure, to hire more skills or to simply change their course of operation. The ownership varies from hand to hand affecting the interest of founders or team.


  • Incubators can have impact on the new startups to fit them in a structure designed by them.
  • The impact might be small, but can be significant for the interest for startup.

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