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Fixing up mobile security breaches for a protected tomorrow !

In today’s world of hacking, cyber security breaches has become a common thing. There are several reports in a single day about cyber security maturity  hacks, data intrusion & information theft.With mobile devices being the weakest link, engineers and executives are struggling to protect data and securing networks from attacks.

Citing some examples, the Quadrooter code, a flawthat rendered more than 900 million Android devices prone to attack were found in software drivers with Qualcomm chipsets. Similarly, Pokémon Go took the youth by storm, but in some geographical regions there were limitations to download the app. So people downloaded it from unauthorized sites thus making their devices open to malicious attacks and threats. Also Binghamton researchers discovered that even wearable devices can easily give away our pins and passwords with help of an algorithm. These indicators highlight about the immense wide addressable gap in the space of cybersecurity.

Let us highlight some startups carving a niche to evade dark side of digitalization:-

SecurityScorecard, a New York-based startup which was founded in the year 2013 by Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kaaoumeh – former security leaders working at CISO and Head of Security&Compliance at big e-commerce retailer, Gilt Groupe. This startup aids various companies and organizations in today’s progressively interconnected world by managing all their risks about their vital information systems. The platform determines the security risk score for them. The score is determined by observing application security, malware, patching, network security, hacker chatter, social engineering and passwords.

Appknox,headquartered in Singapore and founded by Harshit Agarwal, Subho Halder and Prateek Panda in 2014. It is a cloud-based mobile security solution, which aids businesses and developers to find and solve security loopholes in their respective mobile applications within a short span of time. Their mission is to help the mobile ecosystem in becoming safe and secure for everyone and that includes businesses, developers and consumers.

Gurucul , Founded by Saryu Nayyar, help companies in securing their insider threats, account compromises and data exfiltration, on grounds as well as cloud base. The company specializes in user behavior analytics and identity access intelligence tech. It utilizes machine learning and algorithms on predictive anomaly detection to lessen the chances of attacks on accounts and privileges security breaches. It also provides Hybrid Behavior Analytics (HBA) architecture along with Identity Access Intelligence to User Behavior Analytics.

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