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A startup re-invented the Guitar that can make you a Rockstar

MI Guitar is the unique renovation of traditional guitar. Replacing the strings with keys on ferret, this model is extremely easy to master music.

Music is a great hobby and guitar is among the most lovable instrument. It is definitely tough to play for new learners. Tackling the problem a startup re-invented guitar model by adding keys by replacing the string on ferret and a speaker for sound. Called as MI Guitar, the product gained a lot of popularity on Kickstarter. Backed by more than 1000 backers on the crowd funding platform it has overall gathered $265,845. The new design also adds additional control wheels and an easy setup button with chargeable inbuilt battery.

Mi Guitar Ferret
Mi Guitar Ferret
Mi Guitar Base
Mi Guitar Base

Each key on the ferret plays a recorded string sound when used with 6 strings on strum. A separate setup key helps to set the guitar on different genre. The lower body has 4 wheels to manage Tone, Volume, Sound and Digital effects. In consent to privacy, an integrated headphone jack can help you to play it peacefully without disturbing others. MI Guitars removes the problem of using strings and controlling them to produce melody. It can hurt fingers and it is also tough to remember all the chords. After continuous practice for long time it would be possible to have a full control over the traditional model.

Co-Founder and CEO of Brain Fan of Magic Instruments believe that MI Guitar can help to keep a regular pace with music hobby. Traditional model makes it hard to learn and after sometime many quits. Compared to that MI Guitar is simple to master. You can easily understand how it works and play your favourite songs on it. The Early Bird Edition cost $319+shipping on Kickstarter.


  • MI Guitar makes guitar learning extremely simple by removing strings with keys that play sound when press.
  • It has controls to set the guitar tone, adjust volume and setup genre. In-built battery with integrated speaker.

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