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A Startup projected step for Coal Miners to become Programmers

BitSource is a Kentucky based Startup that approach with an inimitable proposal to fetch new employment platform for Coal Miners.

Changing trait in Coal industry has hindered employment on large, distressing living of Coal Miners by pushing them on the threshold of searching a different occupation. Kentucky based Startup came out with a unique proposal to help Coal Miners to enter in an entire new class of work. If a Coal & Mining industry crumples, numerous miners lose their work. Therefore a startup BitSource plans to craft a platform for workers to study coding and turn into a programmer.

This unlocks a fresh vicinity of employment prospect. BitSource is testing the process and getting affirmative outcome. It is founded by two entrepreneurs who belong to the coal industry. They are capable to picture the impact of industry malfunction on the living of employees. This urges them to raise a platform where fresh employment opportunity can assist them to keep up in their private and skilled life.

By learning to code, it aid workers to discover a fresh job alternative rather relying entirely on the Coal Industry. What require is a challenge to educate them about the in and outs of coding. BitSource is putting effort and is able to sustain their business with assertive returns. By teaching coal miner to code, Bitsource is opening up a new space to get professional support. Among them, the startup can mend many future developers.


  • BitSource is coaching coal miners coding. A startup that plan to unlock new service opportunity for coal miners who rely merely on Coal Industry for revenue.
  • The startup is able to perform well and received assertive results. What matters is contributing excellent education to the miners to turn them into a skilled programmer.

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