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Startup Plan Could Trigger Employment Generation

In the search for expansion, our economy has gained the doubtful distinction of having the highest number of unemployment, inspite of the fact that it is the fastest growing in the world. India is facing one of the biggest challenge in creating and providing employment opportunities to the young and talented youths. More than one million youths are becoming the part of the country’s pool of unemployed workforce every year.

India should also have a approach to release the youth to the meaningful opportunities for their participation in the growth journey, so as to raise its economic growth targets. All these factors, makes it important to make our growth model not only comprehensive, accommodative and participative but also employment centric.

During the basic plan periods, India followed the trickle down strategy for mainstreaming millions of deprived, but it didn’t gained much success. Such discouraging experience calls for a direct, inclusive and participatory growth model that will have greater orientation towards generating employment.

Stand Up India and Startup India are the governments scheme’s created as umbrella initiatives pointing to steer a  series of other initiatives already undertaken such as Make in India, Digital India, Skilling India, MUDRA, among others. The Stand Up India measure is focused at promoting entrepreneurship among the downtrodden sections of the society including the Dalits and women, through providing local employment opportunity.

Start-up India on the other hand has focussed in encouraging innovative ideas to bring solutions in the areas of reasonable healthcare, education, social infrastructure etc with the use of technology as a driver and enabler.


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