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Startup Lender Sofi is playing matchmaker

Something funny was being noticed at the events by Claire Arthurs, director of community and member success at online lender Sofi, as she was busy in organizing to help the clients to fulfill their career and financial goals. But the clients were least interested in her advice rather they were interested in each other. “There’s always be people who would pull me aside and ask, ‘Is this person single? Is that person single?” she tells Inc.

Prior this month, the startup organized its first event to help clients to answer the question: An invite-where only singles night at San Francisco restaurant where password was given for entry. Near about 50 persons attended that.

During the exit poll, 86% of participants said that again they want to meet someone from the event, Arthur says. Resembling events are organized for this week in New York and Washington D.C, and Los Angeles events in this works well too. Sofi also expects to complete their work on new dating apps by the second half of the year, says Arthur.

You can be pretty sure, that the median salary of the people on the app will be favourable comparative to the typical dating service. Sofi manager should have credit score higher than 700 and incline to earn more salaries above $ 60,000. Although, Sofi keeps track that some of its  users make less than $ 25000 a year. The consent of the loan from Sofi is based on the candidates ability to prove whether they can pay off their loan amount.


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