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Startup funded by Mark Cuban Invented next generation Wireless charging technology

uBeam, a Tech Startup developed new Wireless Power technology that can charge devices using Ultrasound.

Wireless charging will purge the approach we scuttle behind cables, cluttered, limited and rigid to handle. A tech startup discovered an innovative way of wireless charging. The technology uses power over-the-air technology to charge electronics devices, not presently restricted to Smartphones. This next generation Wireless technology can power every appliance in home or office. It has created a transmitter that emits ultra-sound which is later used to charge devices. Appliances that are uBeam compatible can accept charging through the transmitter.

Ultrasound energy is converted to power and utilized by devices. It works from a distance of 15 feet. Any electronic devices in the range can accept charging. The technology gathered a lot of opposition before. The startup has been able to raised around $23.35 Million in 4 rounds from 22 investors. Mark Cuban is one among them, who puts his interest in this startup. At present uBeam has a prototype ready for the test. It uses Ultrasound that is capture by uBeam compatible devices and then it is converted to energy.

The technology eliminates the usage of cables and is not just limited to Smartphones. It is under testing phase and has a brilliant future. Wireless charging was already introduced by a few popular Smartphone manufacturers. It implies a procedure of portable charger to power the phone. Contrary to that Ubeam is more diverse.  It does not require any portable device to be kept with the Smartphone.


  • uBeam introduces a new way of charging devices using Ultrasound. A uBeam transmitter emits Ultrasound in the range of 15 feet.
  • Considered as the future of next generation power source, uBeam can simplify the way we charge our devices. 

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