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Startup Creates Protein Powder From Edible Insects

The Future of Food is here!

Flying Spark Makes Protein

Founded in 2014 by serial an entrepreneur Eran Gronich and insect specialist Dr. Yoram Yerushalmi, an Israeli startup, Flying Spark makes protein powder for human consumption from edible insects like the fruit fly larvae that are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and protein.  The insects don’t consume much food and water; thus, reducing greenhouse gas pollution. It’s hard to convince your kids to eat veggies. Hence, try to convince them on eating insects!

Flying Spark aimed to make a food that is nutritious, sustainable and eco-friendly with the global food shortage in mind. As per the Israeli startup, food is getting scarce day by day in several parts of the world. Hence, the startup has developed new sources of high-end protein for consumption that overcomes the upcoming food crisis. Till date, the startup has raised $1, Million.

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Is Insect Protein Posing a Huge Challenge?

Flying Spark plans to sell its powder directly to manufacturers to incorporate it in their products, ranging from bread to cereals and tofu. Naturally, the startup is facing a huge challenge in convincing people to consume insects. Another Israeli startup, Steak TzarTzar grows grasshoppers for human consumption.

Currently, Flying Spark is still in its research and development phase and plans to go to market sometime in the next eight months. In the future, the company will not only sell the powder to food manufacturers and athletes but will also produce its own line of powder-enriched food products.

The Process of Making Protein

The startup farms as well as processes the larvae into edible powder. The process of creating the powder is simple and is done with a help of a machine. The process includes boiling, grounding and separating the fat and the protein. Then, the protein is dried and turned into powder.

Do you think insect consumption will be acceptable in India? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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