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Startup-Buzz Weekly Round-up

It’s a Sunday morning, time to do a quick round-up of posts published on Startup-buzz media last week. If you were offline for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with all the buzz!

Startup news – Checkout the latest buzz

Vital points to think about if you plan to start a Food Tech Startup :- Many food tech startups are being launched due to large scope in the Indian market. However, food quality with on time delivery matters. It helps to build reputation and engage consumers.

Rising E-commerce Startups could affect Retail Industry :-  We are all aware that E-commerce sites are quite famous and many of us if we do not buy products online, definitely read product reviews. Success of E-commerce is a billion dollar industry. Huge investment and trust factor from investors at early stages, high investment on advertisement are some of the reasons for success of e-commerce in cities.

Amber Wellness Online Beauty Startup shuts business :- Due to low profit margins, Amber Wellness has shut down. It was founded none other than Ex Co-founder of, Abhimanyu Dhamija. The main reason is that market of online beauty products is unorganized and cost high capital investment.

Google acquire Synergyse, an interactive training platform to learn Google Apps:-  We are all aware that there are many useful apps developed by the Google developer team. Most of these apps are used by companies . Synergyse is the name of the startup which teaches users to understand the UI and interface functionality of Google Apps. Google has finally acquired it.

A Smart Buckle that turns any watch to Smartwatch:- Canadian startup (Wearatec) has invented the very first buckle for watches that is known as ‘Link’. It has to be attached to your existing watch. Connect Link to your Smartphone. All notifications will be displayed on your watch.

Youtube to bring Cable TV Streaming Service – Unplugged:- YouTube is working on Cable TV service to millions of users called as Unplugged. YouTube has already tried RED a subscription based model that failed to entice users.

BMW’s unveils new Bike Emergency system that can save many lifes:- BMW has developed an Intelligent Emergency Call system, with eCall facility. In case of any accident it raise an alert to BMW call center and initiate rescue mission. The system is currently being tested in Germany.

Myntra is back on desktop:- 4th Largest Ecommerce site Flipkart acquired Myntra and shifted the business to app only model. Following the downfall Myntra is back on Desktop to boost the sales revenue.

Why Blogging is good for a New Startup:-  There’s a misconception that Blogging is a waste of time. If your company is well aware of product goals, has a good amount of funds then focus and invest on making a good Blog site that can act as a powerful source of marketing.

INNOVATION – Startup news on most innovative product or service

Book Movie Tickets on Credit from BookMyShow:BookMyShow soon to introduce a service to book movie tickets on credit. Users have one month time to pay the amount.

Zenify online Property and Tenant Managing platform:- Various online property website provides only database and listing. Zenify a startup aim to simplify the process of tenant’s management. It helps tenants to find the right room with proper wear and tear. It also collect rents and manages the documentation.

Book a driver within 40 Minutes on Zuver:- Need a driver for an entire month or for a local trip search on Zuver. A Mumbai based startup that provides a platform to get on demand driver. The driver and the car will be able to reach you within 40 minutes.

HeyDidi a Delivery & Transport Startup for Women, by Women: – HeyDidi is an initiative by Revathi Roy that provides services only to women. It will offer instant parcel delivery from online stores, food joints and medical stores through an app.

Uber tied up with AliPay Digital Wallet for cashless travel:- Uber, the popular cab aggregator tied up with Alipay Digital Wallet to offer cashless payment solution for travelers. Commuters can pay using their own currency.

Get free 1TB Cloud Storage on Datoo for first year:- Cloud storage offers a online platform to store files. File accessibility is not limited to location and platform. Datoo a Startup now came up with 1TB free online storage with unlimited user access. No Cloud platform is offering such huge space.

EDUCATION – Trending News on Startups on Education platform

Pepathon app – Study and Stay Prepared:-   Are you preparing for competitive exams and looking for a platform or support, then checkout Pepathon. A startup by PagalGuy that brings test preparation platform on Smartphone.

Train your mind & boost analytical skills by playing games on Elevate app :- Want to improve your  writing and listening skills? Do you fear mathematics? Don’t worry, Elevate app is the perfect app for you. It offers games that are sure to boost cognitive learning with 35+ games.

Wipro to Empower Women in Saudi for Entrepreneurship:- Wipro with its partners has set up the first all Women Business and Technology Park in Riyadh. Wipro is a top notch IT Company. They will train and employ 21,000 women by 2025.

FUNDING – Checkout which Startup raised funds

uBeam a unique wireless technology:-  This is an innovative technology which is being developed. It has received investment from none other than Mark Cuban. Until now, it has received funds worth $23.5 million from 22 investors. It will use power over-the-air technology to charge electronics devices

Gujarat university has funded 12 startups including student startups:- Gujarat University financed 12 new startups, will be provided with mentorship, mapping and other guidance.

Want to start a startup? Know about funding rounds: – All new startups look for funds. At earlier stage seed capital is the first fund. Raising more funds post seed capital is called as Series A funding. Aiming to build the startup into a company is known as Series B funding. In Series C funding, it is essentially only to get quadruple the amount of capital invested.

Queensland contributes $8 Million funding for Startups:- There has been recent boost in the economic growth of startups all over the world. Looking at this aspect, Queensland has decided to invest $8 million for all new startups launched in Australia. Each new company can get assistance of $100,000 for initiating the business.

Seclore security raised $12 Million:-  If you want to protect the files you share with other business companies, Seclore security app is a must for your business venture. It provides a good platform for Information Rights Management for the company. It received funds worth $12 million.

Pinterest finally acquired Urx:- Urx raised $15.1 million in 4 rounds. Pinterest has acquired URX and hired the team to work for user behavior on the social platform.

Lenskart ,eye wear will secure funds of nearly $4 billion from famous investors like Ratan Tata,Infosys Co-founder and many more: – Lenskart will secure $4 billion investment. It will use the invested money to open more supply chain shops in nearly 400 cities.


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