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Startup-Buzz Weekly Round-Up

It’s a Sunday morning; time to do a quick round-up of posts published on Startup-buzz media last week. If you were offline for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with the entire buzz!

INTERVIEW –Conversation with Kevin Pham, Founder of NAPPIFY

Founded by Kevin Pham in the year 2014, California- based startup Nappify unveils a movable pod for a quick nap to overcome the inadequate sleep issues. It can be used by companies and colleges, whoever is looking forward to take a powernap.

FUNDING – Checkout which startups raised funds

India’s IoT Startup Gets Funds – Locanix, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based logistics tech startup fundraises $300,000 (INR 2 crore) from a group of investors. Their investors include senior executives from Cisco and Goldman Sachs.

Anand Chandrasekaran Is Ready to Invest In These Startups – Snapdeal’s former CPO, Anand Chandrasekaran is ready to invest in six startups, namely, Truce, MagicX, Lucideus, LoanCircle, Lernr and Rupeek. Market is speculating that he will be putting in somewhere around $25,000 into each startup.

Badminton Star Saina Nehwal Invests in a Health Startup – Saina Nehwal, along with Consumer-centric fund Sixth Sense Ventures recently invested $2 Million in Soothe HealthCare. The startup is known for its female hygiene and manufactures sanitary napkins under the brand ‘Paree’.

next47 – Siemens startup unit, to receive $1.1 billion investment – Siemens to put in $1.1 billion investment for setting up a separate unit named “next47” to encourage disruptive ideas and accelerate the development of new technologies.

Brand Capital has invested $25 million in Meru Cabs – The investment arm of Bennett, Coleman and Co Ltd (BCCL), Brand Capital, has now invested $25 million in Meru Cabs. The company will use the new funds to increase its brand recall value and reach to a wider audience.

YourDOST: A Startup for Your Mental and Emotional Well-being – Recently, YourDOST raised $1 million in Pre-series A round of funding from the renowned Venture Capital firm Saif Partners.The new funds will be utilized in expanding its operations and reaching out to more and more people.

Startup Develops Technology to Prevent Food Poisoning – UK-based startup, Ancera Inc. raises $8.9 million to develop a unique technology that helps food producers to detect contaminants present in the food, if any.

ACQUISITIONS –  Checkout all startup acquisition and mergers news.

SaaS – based Startup 1SDK, acquired by DCMN – Recently, German startup DCMN has acquired 1SDK, an SaaS-based platform for mobile app developers.

INNOVATION – Startup news on most innovative product or service.

A Helmet That Takes Cycling to the Next Level – U.S. based startup Brooklyness has come up with a helmet that alerts you about any incoming vehicle. It offers live streaming of your cycling experiences, reads finger movement to blink indicators, and a 4 GB memory card to store HD videos of up to 6 hours.

Uber Rolls out Upfront fares in US and India – Recently, Uber unveiled its new feature of displaying upfront fares before the user books its ride. Upfront fare would be calculated on the basis of expected travel time, distance, traffic and tolls.

Zomato brings Photo Filters on its Android Version – Food startup Zomato launches 17 different photo filters on its Android version. With this, users can edit food pictures before posting them on its platform.

Smart Soccer Ball to Charge Your Devices – New York-based startup, Uncharted Play has combined physical activity and technology in ‘Soccket’, a smart soccer ball developed to charge devices. The SOCKET ball and PULSE jump and rope are designed to capture body’s kinetic energy and transform it into an electric charge.

Who are Marta and Bruno?  Launched in June 2015, US startup, Zume Pizza brings robots to make delicious pizzas for you. Human employees are appointed to create the dough and do the toppings, while the robot employees spread the sauce and put pizzas in the oven to bake.

U.S.-based Exchange Initiative’s App Helps You Fight Human Trafficking – US.-based Exchange Initiative and researchers from Washington University in St. Louis have come up with TraffickCam.The users upload four photos of the hotel room they check into. These photos are uploaded to U.S. National Database. The analyzers compare these images with large database of ‘victims in hotel’ images and, depending on hotel interiors, check for matches.

This is How This Pune startup Is Redefining Laundry Services – Pune -based startup, The Laundry Bag uses the Laundromat Concept wherein more care and hygiene is practiced. While washing, your cloths are never mixed up with other people’s cloths. It’s a simple ‘schedule, collect, wash, deliver’ model.

Google’s Project Bloks Makes Coding Fun for Kids – Google has come up with Project Bloks – a physical block building exercise that helps kids in learning coding in a simple and playful manner.

gTag Helps You Keep a Track of Your Child’s Location – Clove Digital is a Coimbatore-based startup that is behind gTag. gTag offers real-time location of your children and helps you keep track their movements.

Startup Develops App to Book Religious Trips – Gurgaon-based travel startup develops an app ‘Religious Trip’ that allows you to book your religious trips smoothly.

How Virat Kohli Sets the Fitness Trends? – Virat Kohli invests in Stepathlon Kids that tackles the fitness issues in kids. It is a joint venture with Stepathlon Lifestyle, which will take children through a month of pedometer-based virtual race that will help increase awareness on health issues.

Startup builds AI to Automate Accounting – AI startup Smacc provides a digital platform to small and medium-sized enterprises to automate all the accounting. All you have to do is submit your receipts, which turns them into a machine-readable format, encrypts them, and then allocates them to an account.

India’s First Privately Funded Space Mission Is Here – Backed by Google Lunar Xprize, Bangalore-based startup, Team Indus, will be launching India’s first private space exploration program. The mission is expected to launch by July 2017.

Pinterest to offer an Ultimate Online Shopping Experience – Very soon, Pinterest is launching a unique way to search for products i.e. by using your smartphone’s camera. All you have to do is go to Pinterest search and tap the visual search button, point your camera at the product that you wish to buy, and automatically it will do a visual search for everything you see.

Cisco LaunchPad to Help Startups Digitize India Further – Cisco LaunchPad is aimed at helping Indian startups apply digital solutions to effectively manage business. For this, Cisco is setting up a campus in Bangalore where the chosen startups will get mentoring and assess to Cisco tech resources.

Axis Bank and Zone Startups India Aim for Next Wave of Banking Technology – Zone Startups India launches accelerator program for Axis Bank, focusing on startups in the fields of IoT, AI, cloud services and Blockchain.

Israeli Startup Develops a Content Writing Robot – Founded in 2014 end, Israeli startup, Articoolo has developed a content writing robot that can generate a unique, plagiarism-free article on any topic.

Startup Comes Up With the Technology to Treat Vertigo and Balance Disorders – Jaipur-based startup, NeuroEquilibrium, is working towards developing technology to treat problems like vertigo and balance disorders. NeuroEqulibrium will treat this condition with virtual reality.

AI-Enabled Eckovation Provides Open-School Platform To Students – Eckovation is a knowledge imparting app that marries AI with its mainframe to provide an open-school platform to the students. Eckovation has around 4000 teachers contributing through the app from all over the world. It registers 15 lakh messages being exchanged between the user base every month.

Startup news – Checkout the latest buzz.

After Brexit, Britain Now Faces the Threat of Texit – Texit is coming and many tech startups are contemplating moving out of the UK. Although Brexit ensures more jobs for the UK people, companies are not happy about the possible inconvenience they may face.

Amazon Announces Two New Data Centres for Mumbai – Amazon web services, AWS, opens two new data centres in Mumbai. Moreover, Amazon is looking at expansion and consolidation options with their Indian partners.

Edelweiss Is Helping To Build a Stronger Startup Ecosystem in India – Good news! Edelweiss is investing in 8-12 startups in India. It’s seeking startups in healthcare, finance and tech space. It plans to maintain its investments in these startups for at least 5-10 years.

NBA Star’s Wife Launches a Food-delivery Startup – Here is an opportunity for the NBA fans to eat like Stephen Curry.  Now, his wife, Ayesha Curry starts a food-delivery business. The startup is known as ‘Gather’ that delivers ingredients and recipes directly to your doorstep on weekly basis.

Paytm Introduces Same Day Delivery in 20 Cities – One of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, Paytm has lately introduced the same day delivery offer on larger appliances and mobiles across 20 cities in India.

E-Commerce Founders Come Together To Tackle Business Threat – E-commerce platforms like Flipkart are forming their own lobby in order to tackle the business threats posed by the traditional brick and mortar retail establishments.

Google, HDFC Bank and TCS Want To Help Your Startup – Three global bigwigs Google, HDFC Bank and TCS are coming together with Zone Startups India to support Indian startups working in tech space.

Startup-Buzz Blog – Collective set of articles filled with information.

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