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INTERVIEWING STARTUPRENEURS   – Enjoy Our Interaction with Startup Founders

In Conversation with Nitin Babel, Co-founder of Niki.ai– Founded in April 2015 by four IIT Kharagpur alumni- Nitin Babel, Keshav Prawasi, Sachin Jaiswal and Shishir Modi- Niki.ai is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that uses the state-of-the-art technology like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to converse with humans on a simple chat interface and order food, tickets, cabs, laundry and so much more.

FUNDING – Checkout which startups raised funds.

Neurosynaptic Has Raised Investment from Healthquad, IAN & Axilor Ventures – Neurosynaptic Communications, Bangalore-based healthcare startup, has secured funding in Series- A round. The financial details haven’t been revealed yet. Soon Healthquad and IAN will be joining the company board.

YC’s Paperspace Secures Funding; Set to Disrupt Virtual Desktop Market – The startup is planning to disrupt the virtual desktop market and is already filled with big companies like VMware, Amazon and Citrix. Despite the risk involved, the startup has raised $4 million in seed funding. The investors include Ludlow Ventures, Data Collective and Initialized Capital. Also, the individual investors who contributed include Digital Ocean co-founder Jeff Carr.

Assam’s Oil India Ltd. Announces INR 50 crorefund to boost Startups That Don’t Even Exist – Now comes a curious case about Assam’s state-run Oil India Ltd. The company has announced Rs.50-crore fund to help startups in the oil and gas sector.

ACQUISITIONS – Checkout all startup acquisition and mergers news.

Mahindra Holidays Gains 12% Stakes in Giftxoxo & Frogo- Nreach Online Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading activities, experiences and rewards platform has announced that it has confirmed its investment agreement with Mahindra Holidays, one of India’s largest leisure hospitality providers.The Bangalore based company has two brands known as Giftxoxo and Frogo.in but the financial details of the acquisition hasn’t reveled yet by the company.
An online due diligence tool for startups “ReadyFor.VC” – Very recently Platform.sh, a leading cloud hosting platform for scalable web application and e-commerce businesses, have tied up with one of their investors, VC fund, OpenOcean, to create an online due diligence tool, ReadyFor.VC. It is a tool for startups that allows them to accurately assess their VC funding readiness from a technical and product perspective.
INNOVATION – Startup news on most innovative product or service.

Prisma, The Artistic Photo App Now converts your Videos into Art Clips – Very recently a new attribute for iOS devices just got updated which allows users to convert their video into art clips. This uses deep learning algorithms, and Artificial intelligence to convert media videos into animation.

GoDaddy Launches Flare, the Tinder of the Startup Community– It is an app where people can come and discuss their ideas, and get feedback from other entrepreneurs and members in real time. Insights can also be shared about any discipline. All in all, it’s a community-based app for supporting and connecting budding entrepreneurs.

Google Showcases Its Latest Daydream View VR Headset- Google just unveiled its new VR headsetnamed Daydream View at an event in San Francisco. Google Daydream View boasts of improved field of view, low latency and other high-end specs.

Hamwells’ e-Shower: World’s First Water Recycling Shower – Just as you had thought, with the current global water crisis, this reality was never too far. A Netherlands-based startup, Hamwells, has come up with world’s first e-shower that flows recycled water from its faucet.

India’s first break through cross over electric bike– VOLTA motors is a Chennai based start-up focused completely on electric vehicle manufacturing for the Indian and global industry. They have designed and developed India’s first cross-over electric bike completely in India, boldly representing the MAKE IN INDIA strategy.

Fuze’s iPhone case Brings Audio Jack Back to iPhone 7 – Austin, U.S.A. based startup, Actual Innovation has come up with a special cover for iPhone 7 and 7s named Fuze. It seems like just another regular case for your mobile. Only it’s not! But what it offers is the ability to again be able to plug-in your favorite headphones to the new iPhone and enjoy. This itself is its biggest USP.

Eco eMarket: Nothing Ever Goes to Waste – Day by day our ecosystem is degrading. In order to stop this, a team of four young entrepreneurs have come up with innovative and eco-friendly startup called Eco eMarket. They have sound knowledge in technology, commodity; marketing and finance too. The startup is India’s first online portal for trading e-wastes like paper, plastic, textiles etc.

MISCELLANEOUS – Checkout the latest startup buzz.

How Cooking Apps Are Revolutionizing the Cooking Industry – Some apps cater to the chefs of a five-star restaurants while others help to people like me who are learning to dice a tomato or make coffee. The cooking app industry is big and is growing consistently.

What’s happening in Sports start-up sector? There exist numerous apps for checking match scores, sports schedule and statistics. More and more people are turning to the Sports industry to become it’s consumers in its various forms. This article gives you a list of some new startups that took a different road and are carving niche in the industry ahead.

CM Chandrababu Naidu Building a High Tech State – Andhra Pradesh CM, Chandrababu Naidu, the man who single-handedly built Hyderabad into India’s largest IT hub once, is not resting. He now has a dream of creating five lac jobs in the state by 2020. And he is not waiting for anyone.

Startups in Cyber Security Space – In today’s world of hacking, cyber security breaches has become a common thing. There are several reports in a single day about cyber security hacks, data intrusion & information theft. Let us highlight some startups carving a niche to evade dark side of digitalization through this article.

Women Driving Digital Marketing Space on Their Own Terms – Are women, good digital marketers? The answer is, yes. As you see, women are working shoulder to shoulder with men. No wonder, the digital marketing sector has some of those mavericks transforming the world with their digital sense. Here are some of those influential women digital marketers across the globe.

Finance Ministry Thinking Of Removing Recent Restrictions on E-Commerce Players – It all began when a couple of months ago brick and mortar retailers filed complaint against the heavy discounting practices of e-commerce players. Following this, the finance ministry had imposed a series of restrictions on these players. This has led to a lot of confusion in the industry. Now NitiAyog CEO, Amitabh Kant, has called for removing these restrictions.
Google’s New Smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL Are Available to Pre-Order in India – Google’s most awaited smartphone known as Pixel smartphone is finally here and anyone who wants it can pre-order from India October 13 onwards. Google has announced that it will start shipping at the end of this month.
GMV of INR 104 cr in just 19 months – Continuing with Droom’s success story,Recently it came forward that Droom has been able to successfully generate a monthly gross merchandise value (GMV) of INR 104cr in just last 19 months. Morover, it is one of the fastest growing consumer Internet companies in India with 25K+ products, 78K+ B2C sellers,  113K+ listings and over 3.4 Mil+ downloads for mobile apps.
Startup-buzz updates from the previous week have come to an end. Now it’s Time to say Goodbye. See you with another weekly roundup, the following week. Till then, have a great week!
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