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Get updated with the posts published on Startup-buzz media last week. If you were offline for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with the entire buzz!
FUNDING – Checkout which startups raised funds.
SAP Going to Invest 2 Billion Euros in Internet of Things (IOT) by 2020 – One of Europe’s biggest software creators SAP has reserved around 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion) for investment of Internet of Things. The company will help to connect anything from washing machine to cars to the Internet.
Unocoin secures Largest funding ever witnessed by Indian Bitcoin startup – Bengaluru-based bitcoin startup, Unicoin, has recently secured about $1.5 million in funding. The funds came from various Indian and U.S investors, the company proclaimed on Thursday.

INNOVATION – Startup news on most innovative product or service.

Meet Blink: India’s very own Smart Wearable from WitworksWitworks, an Indian consumer IoT firm, has just launched its first smart wearable called Blink, which is powered by Marvin OS, their own voice-based OS. Blink is now available for pre-order and starts at a price tag of INR 12,999/-.

iPal, A New Robot Which Will Babysit Your Kids – iPal isa talking and fulltime nanny robot, for helping with kids in China will soon be coming to America.

New Innovative Gaming Startups like Empower Labs, Greedy Games Are Redefining Mobile Gaming From the past few years, India has been home to many innovative startups and that includes the gaming sector too. Newfangled key business players are experimenting different things like augmented reality (AR) or mid-core games for attracting more users and players.

Bring your Inventions into life with inventedfor.comFounded in 2015, Inventedfor.com is a crowdsourcing platform where idea owners can check the global market potential for their ideas. Thus, they can and realize product idea without any financial input or public disclosure of the idea.

Global Startups that are improving the lives of elderlyIn order to bridge the gaps between your elderly parents and your busy schedules, many startups have taken birth. They not only help you take care of them while you’re sitting in a meeting, but also take efforts to make their silver life interesting.

“Google Trips”- A personal travel planner by Google– Google Trips is a personalized travel planner for all your vacations plans, trips, getaway and any other plans. The new app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. It’scombines data from various sources and guides you for best travel.
Hotelbids lets you find your Stay at your Price – Hotelbids is an app that avails last-minute hotel bookings.A platform where customers don’t have to search, but their search comes to them.
MISCELLANEOUS – Checkout the latest startup buzz.

Autopilot Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Bus Crash in Germany, Says Tesla – An AutopilotTesla Motors car crashed with a bus in Northern Germany. The company claims that the crash was inevitable as the bus swerved into the car’s lane. The accident happened in the town of Ratzeburg on Wednesday, claimed the German police.
Eight Tech Startups That Might Boost Karnataka Tourism– Tourism is a big and booming industry and states benefit big time from it. This is why Karnataka state government recently conducted an open challenge on World Tourism Day to pick eight tech startups that hold the potential of benefitting the state tourism.
How Augmented Reality Is Redefining The Startup World? It can be defined as a live or indirect view of real world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by any computer-generated sensory like sound, video, graphics or GPS data.
Flipkart Rolls Out Employee Stock Options – India’s leading e-commerce platform, Flipkart, has rolled out Employee Stock Options (ESOP) to a third of its employee force. This is being seen as a milestone move by many in the industry for the company led by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal.

M.S. Dhoni- A Cricketer with a Visionary Business Bent – He is hailed as the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team. But he also has keen interest in business.Let’s here look at some of the business ventures he is a part of; through this article.
The Startup Mixtape – This book is not about Elliot Adams’ philosophy on startups. It is rather about the knowledge that he has gained over the years by interacting with so many students and young entrepreneurs.
Future of Work is in Startups says GoDaddy Survey– A global survey was conducted by GoDaddy in collaboration Morar Consulting this year.The main motto of this survey is to examine different generation views of entrepreneurship and coming future of work.
Make in India: All Talk, No Show? PM Modi launched his ambitious Startup India program last year. But what progress has the government actually made in promoting the startups in India since PM Modi’s Make in India launch in September 2014? Obviously, a slew of programs were announced under this plan. Let’s have a look at the status of some of these.

STARTUP-BUZZ BLOGS – Collective set of articles filled with information

The New Advancements in Self Driving Tech: Straight out Of Star Trek and Harry Potter – A future with roads full of cars that can drive themselves is seen on the near horizon. Why just limit our vision to cars when even self-driven buses, trains, and airplanes are possible!

Is There A Need For A Reality Check For Co-working? You cannot work at your home in the presence of your family members. They call out you for something or the other. And, why entrepreneurs, even professionals or freelancers feel the need to get out of their home and find a stimulating environment to work.And, that’s where co-working comes into the picture.
Clothes Made From This Super Material Will Help You To Beat The Heat Like Never Before! Nobody likes the sweaty summers, especially the scorching heat and the clammy clothes sticking to their bodies. The engineers from Stanford University have invented a plastic-based material, which is known to cool down clothes.
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