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Startup Bulb to become the Future of Energy

Tempting you to make use of energy that doesn’t harm the planet!

Have you ever spent some time thinking about ways you could save your planet? I’m pretty sure your answer would be a No. After all, we are so buzy with ourselves that we forget to even think about the planet we live. You no more need to worry. Well, there’s a startup whichhelps you save your planet from the comfort of your homes. It’s non other than this UK-based startup; Bulb that focuses on use of renewable energy. Through the use of Bulb, you can make your contribution towards saving our planet, Earth.

About this UK-based startup; Bulb

Keeping their score with online review sites like TrustPilot hovering around the five-star mark, Bulb is a renewable UK-based gas and electricity supplier. Founded by Mr. AmitGudka and Mr. HaydenWood; two friends from the traditional energy industry, they saw how inefficient, confusing and unfair things were for customers. Not to mention the environmental damage. So they decided to do something about it. Bulb is that something.

So, what’s the buzz in this startup?

It seems too good to be true: an energy provider that cuts your bills; provides renewable energy and is digital-first. So how do they do it?

They do it by making things simple for their consumers. In addition, the following points help it create a buzz.

v  Their Energy

Bulb wants people to easily keep track of the energy they use. So, they provide all their members with energy monitors and smart meters to help them keep track of their energy usage. So, why not join the Bulb community, today?

  • Their service

Additionally, Bulb claims that their team members are a helpful bunch. They believe that the best service comes from listening. Listening to what makes you happy, what could be better, and what you think they should do next.

  • Their tariff

Reportedly, this London-based Bulb has kept the tariff same for electricity as well as gas, and it’s the lowest offered by any other 100% renewable electricityfirm in the UK.

Also it was reported having one of the Bulb founders say that there’s this myth stating renewable is inefficient and a lot more expensive. But actually when we see in the wholesale market, renewable energy is extremely cost-effective; he adds.

Challenges they face& their efforts to Overcome it

Even after possessing a bundle of joys, the startup faces some challenges while scaling. They say that their main challenge till date is convincing customers to switch their account to Bulb. To make thiseasier, Bulb focuses on good customer service.So they promise to answer customer calls within eight seconds.  Moreover, Bulb is also ready to do the switch for you and pay any exit fees. The only thing that potential customers have to do is send a picture of a recent bill. This startup is currently operating in the UK.Hope to see them come up in developing countries like India.

With Bulb consumers can save time, money and the planet. Would you like to see such startups emerge in your country? Lets us know. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below:

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