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Speakable Will Help You To Take Action On News Articles You Read

Now change the world with click of a button !

A startup focusing on changing the world

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Isn’t that what Gandhi said?Everyone reads ton of news everyday but what good it is if we don’t act upon and change the situation?A New York based startup known as Speakable lets you take action on news articles you read. Jordan Hewson, founder of Speakable, believes and wants to give an opportunity to people change something and take action on several issues.

How does the startup work?

The startup which started a year ago has now introduced the ‘Action Button’. The button is nothing but a code snippet on a publisher’s article page that offers readers to take direct action. Through this technology, the company wants to reach out to the right people and partners like NGOs who can help with such causes.

After reading an article, user can use the action button for taking initiatives like emailing to a legislator or tweet to a decision-maker and can even donate. Although the button will never take the reader away from the article page itself.

Partners onboard

The company also scrutinizes its NGO partners so that they can create big impact and distribute funds appropriately. Moreoverit also has big publishing companies like Guardian US, The Huffington Post and VICE Media onboard.

To know more about Speakable check the video below

As of now, Speakable is free of cost to both NGO partners and news publishers and it is focusing to grow and refine the product.

Do you think this new initiative involving‘action button’ will help us address the issues in a  more effective way? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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