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Social Media Startups who can be the next Facebook?

A few social media startups were able to gain a good amount of traffic and can compete social media giant like facebook in future.

Facebook was launched in February 2, 2004. The websites membership was limited to the students of Harvard but later by September 2006, was open for every one about 13 years and an Email ID. Orkut by Google was social media platform for the world. Gradually Facebook became popular and eroded the user base of Orkut so much that it had to be shut down. Human attention is fickle. Like the humanity moved ahead from Orkut, leaving it high and dry, with no option but to shut down, will we ever see the same happening to Facebook?

With rise of the communication technology, Social Media has emerged as a platform for exchange of ideas, opinions and news. As people from all over the globe connect with each other, ideas and information is spreading fast. Human civilization is changing almost by the hour. People are getting more aware and connected. From business promotions to organizing revolutions, Facebook has seen it all in its relatively short time in has been in existence.

As of now, for Facebook, things have fallen in place. Its user-friendly interface, ease in communication – both to individuals and groups, still growing popularity and smart amalgamation of apps and services have all worked with the users. Facebook still goes strong. But will it always remain this way? Is there any possibility of some other Social Media site storming over the user’s interest shifting it away from Facebook? Who are the other contenders currently in the reckoning? is a social networking enabled photo sharing and messaging services for mobile devices. Launched in November 2010, the service allows users to share up to total 500 contacts with their close friends and family. In September 2014, it had 5 million active users from 23 million registered users. It has garnered immense funding owing to its model and effective functioning. It essentially seeks to ‘bring happiness’ through the phone operated technology and contribute to people’s lives in a miniscule manner. Their culture is centered on bringing out the best in us through human centric design process. To become the next Facebook is a long shot but with human attention becoming so short term and unpredictable, it could be possible we could see Path as a leading Social Media platform.

Quora is a social forum where people engage in discussions on myriad topics of their interest. It serves as a platform to propagate and profess ideas. People from across the world pose questions related to themes that pique their interest and almost anyone with experience can voice their thoughts and opinions on the same. This social discourse forum has fast gained momentum and boasts a number of professionals, public figures, leaders and celebrities as active partakers.


  • Social Media Startups bring more innovative platforms for the end users.
  • With increasing number of users on this platform, it might be

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