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Smart Soccer Ball to Charge Your Devices

It’s just more than playing football!

New York-based startup, Uncharted Play has combined physical activity and technology in ‘Soccket’, a smart soccer ball developed to charge devices. 30 minutes of a game will power a lamp for 3 hours. The SOCCKET (ball) and PULSE is a (jump rope) both power devices with pendulum inside that capture kinetic energy from physically active. The USB Port connects devices for power.

The idea behind ‘Soccket’

Uncharted Play joined the tech conference that exhibited latest trends in the industry and the upcoming technologies from all over the nation. Jessica O. Matthews is the brain behind Soccket.

The idea behind ‘Soccket’ came, when Jessica was in Nigeria. She realized that electricity would go out multiple times during the day. Hence, she launched Uncharted Play to focus on bringing their devices to children who do not have access to electricity. Jessica focuses on transforming the mentality of save energy to continuous and on-demand energy experience.

How does it work?

A pendulum inside the ball and jump rope captures kinetic energy as the user is physically active, which then drives a motor and charges a Lithium ion battery inside. Once the SOCCKET and PULSE are charged, users simply plug into the built-in USB port to power their own devices.

According to the startup, users just have to move the device for 30 minutes to power a simple LED lamp for three hours.

The technology performs just as the ball and jump rope, but it can also customize micro-generator that can be integrated into almost any product to harness its ambient kinetic energy –from baby strollers to shopping carts to bicycles.


  • The SOCKET ball and PULSE jump are rope are designed and built so that they can capture physical kinetic energy and transform into an electric charge.
  • Jessica O. Matthews focuses on transforming the mentality of save energy to continuous and on-demand energy experience.

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