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Smart & Innovative Projects For Smart Cities

Time travel to the future world!

Did you watch the recent trailer of Blade Runner 2049? Weird and cool at the same time right. Aircrafts, Sci-fi, travelling pods, AI – it has all the elements of futuristic technology world.  Technology is changing all the traditional ways. People are relying more on tech and utilizing smart ways to do even basic things. The world of robots and AI which we saw in various movies like Her, I Robot can be happening in the coming centuries. With the advancement in the fields like sensors, machine learning, data analytics and smart grids, developed cities are also changing their way of operation.

Smart Parking in Los Angeles – Parking is big problem in any city regardless how spacious is the city. In Los Angeles, a project known as LA Express Park is being utilized for parking cars and vehicles.  With the help of sensors implanted in parking spaces, it later feeds all the available parking spaces into our smartphones. It also helps people to pay using mobiles.

Climate Street in Amsterdam – Netherland’s Capital, Amsterdam is known as renowned for its smart city projects. They have turned street shopping into green shopping. It uses sustainable street lightning and solar-powered trash compactor garbage cans. In order to cut down on electricity use, the shopkeepers use recycled, smart plugs and low-energy lightning.

EV Charging station in San Francisco – San Francisco also provides with lot of smart projects to its resident individuals. One of noteworthy project is their city-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These chargers are located in different places of city -in front of City Hall; 26 stations in 12 city-owned, public parking facilities; and 23 more at the airport and on Treasure Island.

Smart systems for Public Security & Safety – Washington DC uses something called as ‘ShotSpotter’. It is a web of interconnected noise sensors which recognizes any gunfire and pinpoints where gun was shot. With system alerts, police are reported as soon as possible. Rio de Janerio also uses a similar alter system for security and safety purposes. It is known as ‘Rio Operations Centre’ observes city events in real time. Initially, the project was to focus on floods and natural disasters but now it is also medical emergency and even traffic accident too.

Smart Cabs in New York – New York, the busiest metro city of all time provides smart cabs. The city’s taxi department – Taxi’s & Limousine Commission (TLC) is reviewing software proposals from developers to make payment using their smartphones, itself.

Cities are tiring especially the traffic, parking, and  much more but with the help of innovation and tech usage, we can change this fact too.

What do you think about these smart projects and how they are developing the future world? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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