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Smart Gadgets To Make Your Home More Smarter

More Convenient life with these smart devices!

Everyday new Internet of Things is invented to make our life easier and smarter. Here are list of six inventive cool gadgets which will convert our homes into smart homes and make your life more convenient for you.


DigitalSTROM is very simple and easy to use and you don’t have to install any new wires but it work on your existing home power lines. It is small, color-coded modules which fit into the electric box of your current light switches, lamps. With the help of digitalSTORM you can control the settings of lighting, appliances, heating and cooling, and more, to your personal preferences. It also recognizes your faces and gestures.

Roost Smart Battery

A smoke detector is a must for everyone to protect your family and home in case of any fire hazard accidents. Certain times it might happen that you won’t be present at home when the detector goes on so what will happen?  Well to end your worries, there is Roost Smart Battery; with this Wi-Fi enabled batteries will alert you to all smartphones which was connected to Wi-Fi. This will enable you or your neighbor to act on the smoke alarm even if you aren’t present at home.

Sensorwake Alarm Clock

Everybody hates the sound of the alarm going off in the morning and every time developer comes up with more creative ways to wake you up. This is what Sensorwake Alarm Clock does; it emits specific smells, such as chocolate, peppermint, espresso, and bacon, to ease you out of your slumber. It works with the help of scent capsules that lasts for a month. There are alarm mats that only stops only if you wake up and step on them.

Smart Refrigerator Mats

Well every person who goes for grocery shopping eventually wonder what items they are missing out or will this milk or cereals be enough but with the help of smart refrigerators we can easily these problems. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge has built-in cameras which could take snap of all the contents in your refrigerator and send you during your grocery shopping. There is also a Smarter Mat will weigh the containers and then let us know when it’s time to buy more milk or cereal.

Smart Mats for Yoga

Don’t have enough time for your yoga classes?  Try this SmartMat. This mat will be perfect for your home workout yoga sessions. It has embedded sensors which would guide your poses with the help of app. Smart Mats is connected to other fitness products such as  sneakers and workout clothing embedded with sensors that can count your steps, monitors your heart rate. They also let us know when to rehydrate.

Smart Plugs

Parents have been always worried about electrical outlets due to safety for their kids but Brio Safe Outlet solves this problem. It has sensors that will only deliver a current if they sense a plug, making them a big step up from the plastic outlet covers most parents are using. The smarter version of this outlet also has smoke and carbon monoxide detector.


Securebox secures smart home appliances and security systems. As homes get smarter, the many smart appliances remain virtually unprotected. Securebox is easy-to-use system to protect all smart appliances against attacks. It is developed by University of Helenski team and they have unique insights in security and business experience.

What do you think about these new Internet of Things devices? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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