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Smart Advocate Case Study — How Software Lets Businesses Grow Exponentially

Smart Advocate is a leader in the legal management software industry. For this to be said about any kind of brand in any kind of industry, it should have demonstrated a certain uniqueness that is hard to find in its competitors, apart from fulfilling the needs of its consumers. Smart Advocate is one of those brands that doesn’t just fulfill the needs of the lawyers who use it. It also helps them grow their firms at a rapid yet scalable and sustainable pace.

Law firms are the latest kind of business to begin widely adopting technology, after being an old economy kind of business for long. One of the things where technology has proven to be massively helpful is case management.

Organization Is Essential:

A law firm typically has many different cases that it is working on at any given time. They need to be able to organize all of the documentation relating to each of these cases, assign tasks to their legal teams for each of the cases and be able to track their status on demand.

In an environment dominated by paperwork, this isn’t very easy to do. You may end up losing some of the most important documents in the mass of paperwork in your office, have difficulty assigning tasks on cases — especially if those tasks are time-dependent and the process is complicated — and find it difficult to track the status of a case quickly simply because the relevant documents are lost or buried in a heap of nonrelevant documents.

Smart Advocate Helps with Case Management:

Smart Advocate is a legal document management system that seeks to solve all of the case management problems a law firm faces in one place.

For starters, it makes it very easy for law firms to manage cases. All of the information that is relevant to a particular case can be stored in a single place where it can be accessed on demand easily. You don’t have to worry about losing your files or misplacing them. You also have to deal with only one point of reference, rather than many, which makes it much easier to follow up on a case.

Smart Advocate goes beyond that. It also ensures that you have templates for opening new cases when you tend to deal with multiple cases of the same type. When doing this manually, a lot of repetitive information has to be entered and re-entered, making the entire process rather redundant. However, by providing you with the ability to build a template that you can fill in with the important information, Smart Advocate saves you a ton of time that you can use doing other important things.

Assign Tasks Easily

Smart Advocate also makes it easy for lawyers to assign tasks. Doing this manually can be rather cumbersome because of time-limited tasks. However, Smart Advocate allows you to input a predetermined format that makes it easy to assign tasks to your team automatically so that they find the tasks waiting for them when they open the cases they should be working on. Smart Advocate also makes it easy to track the status of any given case because everything is in one place.

With software like this, it is much easier to manage a large number of cases at once and grow the amount of workload that a law firm can take on without having to grow its labor significantly. The result is rapid growth in a field where rapid growth is unheard of. Smart Advocate is bringing technology to a traditionally tech-averse profession in a way that is meaningful to the profession from both a professional and business perspective.

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