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Shouting Wallet to tell you that you are missing something important

WALLI Wallet keeps on beeping if you lose it somewhere. A wallet with Bluetooth and a speaker with a battery life of 6 Months

Worldwide millions of people face problem when they lost their Wallet. A common reason is that it is an important thing we use to carry Money and IDs.  Once lost you can retain it back if you are lucky, or else there is no practical solution available to find it especially in a public place. Unless the Wallet itself can send some signal to notify you. Thanks to technology we are now able to see certain development that is making our day to day accessories like Clocks and Wallets smarter.

Technology is giving new face to many things we use, before we can never imagine that they can be smarter. One example is WALLI Wallet. It comes integrated with Bluetooth and speaker. Similar to a stylish Wallet this one is capable of buzzing if you forget to carry it.  Walli Wallet features Texas Instruments Bluetooth LE SoC connection with a customization range of 10-100 feet. A 90dB audible buzzer in it produces enough sound to notify anyone around. It has a small 3.0 volts CR2032 button cell, can work upto 6 months. You can customize and connect it with Walli App available for iOS and Android.

Other than technical stuff, WALLI is a stylish wallet made 100% genuine leather and has 6 card slots, 2 cash slots and 1 hidden pocket (coin). It is the best example of how a traditional wallet can be smarter with the help of technology. Through the app a user can set a range between 10 to 100 feet. In case you forget to carry it, the wallet will start beeping. To stop just tap two times on the wallet cover.  WALLI removes the most common issue faced by many of forgetting their wallet and then spending time in searching it.


  • WALLI is a smart Wallet that comes with Bluetooth and Speaker.
  • Through WALLI app, a user can adjust the range to make it beep in case he/she forgets it to carry.
  • It comes in a stylish design and powered by a simple button cell that can work upto 6 months.

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