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Setting an Example: Have You Heard of These 6 Autism-Friendly Employers

There are plenty of employable persons with autism that are unemployed, and there are several employers who are doing their part to change the employment outlook for autistic individuals. Adults on the spectrum are increasingly becoming sought after for many reasons, and the number of companies offering immersive job training for autistic adults is increasing. Many employers are beginning to see autism as a great advantage, not a liability.


1. Freddie Mac

That’s right, the well-known government-owned loan and mortgage company is looking for adults on the spectrum. They have partnered with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network to create an internship program that seeks out highly skilled individuals that struggle with social communication to build aid in building soft skills.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft has a dedicated Autism Hiring Program. It was inspired by an employee with an autistic child. And since the company is steadily working toward diversity and inclusion, it was only right that it creates a program that offers skills assessments and team projects that allow participants to showcase their unique skills and meet with hiring managers.

3. Walgreens

Retail Employees with Disabilities is a Walgreens program that works with local agencies to provide training and skills assessments. The assessments are used to place externs in positions that best suit their personalities and skills. Successful completion of the program allows graduates to seek employment with Walgreens.

4. AMC

As a result of a partnership with Autism Speaks, FOCUS was born. Furthering Opportunities, Cultivating Untapped Strengths is an employee development program that purposefully seeks to hire disabled individuals. The popular theater chain wants to offer autistic workers the chance to have profitable employment while getting the benefits of working with other people.

5. Ernst and Young

This large accounting firm wants to give adults on the autism spectrum who struggle with interpersonal skills a way to get their foot in the door. Ernst and Young understand the role neurodiversity can play in its success and its approach to business. Their Center of Excellence in Philadelphia is working hard to make Ernst and Young’s autistic employees make the most of their strengths and help build new skills as well.

6. Ford

Ford partnered with Autism Alliance of Michigan to create FordInclusiveWorks. The goal is to hire and support employees that are on the spectrum. Ford has identified jobs that are better suited for autistic employees and wants to help autistic potential employees find and retain employment with the auto giant.

Companies are becoming more inclusive and diverse, which means seeking out neurodiversity as well. They are also looking for ways to improve lacking skills so that potential autistic employees can not only access these jobs but also keep them. Employers are looking for detail-oriented, dependable and focused workers. They want unconventional thinkers who are highly skilled and intelligent. Many times, autistic individuals embody these sought after characteristics, so just be yourself and give it you’re all. You are a valued member of our society and your unique contributions are desperately needed.

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