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How selling Ice Cream gave birth to a technology driven shipping logistic startup

Fleet founded by Max Lock to simplify and accelerate the shipping logistic platform. Consumers can find the best possible quotes in less time and review /rate the service.

Fleet is a founded by Max Lock. The startup recently raised $4 million in funding and got overall funding of $6.51 million in the last two rounds. The startup aim in simplifying the shipping logistic channel. Max Lock lives in Portland where he started his career as IT admin. He founded and sold an ice cream brand called as Schoolboy Ice Cream when he was in high school.

Later he found the process of importing the product from other countries has many complexities. He founded Fleet a startup that offers reviews and quotes on shipping industry across the globe. This helps many to find out the best company to send or receive their product. At a very young age, Max Lock found a startup and successful funding rounds for the company.

With recent $4million funding’s the startup aim to expand its service. Through his work experience Max found the amount of time consumed for moving a product from one place to another. He found that there is a requirement of a platform that help others to book a shipping consignment online. Traditional method was to contact the freight forwarders agent and communicate through them on email or phone calls.

Fleet came out with a vision to ease the logistic process. It helps to find the best possible shipping quotes in less time. The startup claims to provide quotes 20% cheaper and 5 time faster compared to the current process. Those who are using a Logitech service or will in future if they plan, then Fleet can help them to find the best quote. They can review and rate them.


  • Fleet founded by 19 year old Portland based Max Lock. A platform to find affordable and faster shipping services.
  • Review and rating system on Fleet helps consumers to find the best Freight forwarders

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