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Sell your unsold business slots through Unbooked

It is not possible that for entire day customers will coming to your store. At certain times it remains empty. You can now sell those empty slots using Unbooked with deals and discounts.

Ample of business hours goes empty in day or evening. Especially for a service based business like Spa, Saloon, Clinics, Fitness Center, etc. It is not applicable to keep people engage all the time. The empty time slot is unsold business hours. This can be called as unbooked time. A startup came out with a unique idea to utilize that time and promote your business.

An engaging activity to let the other customers know that a slot is empty for a service. Can be done via Unbooked Appointments is an online platform. It provides a promotion based service to let users book unsold slots or appointments supported by deals and discounts. It connects the users with professionals through internet. Founded in 2013 in California the startup aim to provide a way of earning in dead business hours.

From Press Release:

  • Appointment-based businesses
  • Scheduling software vendors
  • Coupon sites
  • Publishing sites

Unbooked has tied up many deals and coupons partners. A new way of appointment-based promotions. It can help a lot of service professionals to promote their services and engage customers. With the help of deal and scheduling partners, it plays a vital role in keeping the business engaged and maximizes revenue. Anyone can register and set a time slot. This will be looked up by other visitors through search and they can book an appointment.


  • Unbooked offers a online platform to use unused time slots of business
  • It provides simple scheduling options with deals and discounts for the visitors.

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