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Self-Driving college shuttle, Auro Robotics raises $2 million.

Auro Robotics has acquired $2 million in the funding round led by Motus Ventures, supported by Rothenberg Ventures. Auro Robotics is a self-driven shuttle services.

Founded by Nalin Gupta, Jit Chowdhury and Srinivas Reddy who live and breathe robotics, this mechanically advanced self-driving shuttle is a safe and modern solution for mobility. It all started in Robotics Research Group at IIT Kharagpur, India and now, they are based in Silicon Valley. The trio managed to raise $2 million fund for it’s soon to launch vehicle. Currently, Auro Robotics operates a shuttle service at Santa Clara University for students and faculty members to commute around the campus.

Since the shuttle is self-driven, it ensures the use of latest technology and promises safe transportation even on the busy roads. It features high-tech lasers, radar, GPS and camera. It also offers great deal of comfort and a pleasurable navigating experience. Moreover, its 3D map feature helps to locates itself and detect the road topography. All you have to do is feed your destination via touch screen placed in the vehicle or through a specifically designed mobile app.

Moreover, the shuttle features updated technologies such as pedestrian detection and avoidance, emergency braking system, adaptive speed control depending on the traffic situation and so on.  Auro Shuttle can be used in university campuses, theme parks, luxury resorts and hotels, and retirement community since it seems to be a great replacement for manually driven golf carts and mini buses. Additionally, it is beneficial in curtailing operation cost and enhances efficiency. Check out the video below to watch how it works:


  • Auro Robotics, a self-driving shuttle startup raises $2 million in funding round led by Motus Ventures and supported by Rothenberg Ventures.
  • Nalin Gupta, Jit Chowdhury and Srinivas Reddy are the founders of Auro Robotics.Currently, Auro Robotics operates a pilot service at Santa Clara University for students and faculty members to move around the campus.

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