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From the Sea to the Space – Ripple Aerospace reveals a new way to travel to space.

Ripple Aerospace is a space startup working on a shipyard to launch spacecraft from Sea.

Space Mission is actively undertaken by different countries to explore the reality of universe. The more we learn, the more curious we get. Space technology helps us to explore various untouched areas on our planet by observing it from long distance. It is a highly risky and expensive mission. Billions of dollars are on bet to sanction and complete one mission.

Ripple Aerospace, a Norway based startup, is working to build a craft to be launched in the space from the sea surface. It works out of shipyard, as the new rocket system which launches the space craft uses the sea surface instead of a fixed Launchpad. Ripple Aerospace’s futuristic team, aims to reduce the cost of space travel by introducing this new project.

Ripple Aerospace, with the slogan of “FROM THE SEAS TO THE STARS”, facilitates the solution to reduce heavy burden of high investments procured on space journey. They offer services from building up a space craft to launching it. A 15 member team is working on this project called The Sea Serpent- Jormungandr. Shipyard, irrespective of location, provides flexibility in space craft launch. Launch can be scheduled depending on favorable weather condition.

Added benefit is the reduction in the cost of construction of the Launch Pad and launching cost. Fixed launch platform are costly as it requires safe infrastructure and bigger team to manage the operations. Below is a video that will offer a clear view on what really Ripple Aerospace plans in space craft launch:


  • Ripple Aerospace aims to create a shipyard platform to build and launch a spacecraft from the sea surface.
  • A new system to launch space craft from ocean reduces cost incurred on building the Launch Pad.

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