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Scripbox ranked 2nd in 50 most effective financial service


Scripbox is an online platform to invest in Mutual funds, that is ranked 2nd in 50 most effective financial service

Scripbox is a Bengaluru based Startup that provide an online platform for mutual fund investment. It was formed 4 years ago and is ranked as the 2nd most effective financial service brands. The startups have received its series A funding in year 2015 of Rs.16 crores from Accel Partners including other Angel investors. The startup uses is ranked 2nd in terms of using LinkedIn as a platform to encourage investment. Scripbox was started by Atul Shingal, Sanji Singhal and W S Ravishankar around 3 years ago.

The company offers an effective way for investors to invest. As per the company algorithm, it automates the selection of 8 best mutual funds in India. There are thousands of them and this algorithm helps investors to invest wisely and safely. The founders are financial veterans, who understand the complexity of running an online investment platform. Scripbox is designed in a way that it automates the practice of investment in mutual fund. It saves a lot of time to analyze and get suggestion from others. There are huge amount of potential investors in India.

But due to lack of information and changing trends, many shift back not to engage themselves in secondary investment solution. Scripbox can help those investors to get a clear overview about the investment scenarios. With a slogan of Safely-Wisely-Automatically, Scripbox aims to simplify the process. Currently, Scripbox doesn’t charge for the service. They have this zero fee policy. Scripbox on the basis of algorithm will select the best mutual funds you can invest in it. This will gradually help you to build wealth. The site also takes care about tax saving funds.


  • Scripbox offers an automated way to invest in mutual funds.
  • It has an algorithm that offers selection of 8 top mutual funds among the 8000.


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