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A Roundup of trending Eco-Innovation Startups worldwide

Innovation leading to greener and helathier society !

Environment Innovation or also known as Eco-innovation is recent development in startup ecosystem. This sector involves lot of ideas which are environment friendly technologies and could lead to sustainability. Recently more people are engaging in activities for conserve the world environment and one of the prime example is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood, a documentary about climate change. Not only Leo but various startup are focusing on our environment conservation. Take a look at them and how they are contributing:

Waste Ventures India

Hyderabad based startup, Waste Ventures is a for-profit social enterprise which is redefining our traditional solid waste management with the help of expanding stakeholders across value chain. This company focuses on both wet and dry waste unlike other traditional waste management enterprises does. With their initiative they have increased waste picker income by 20%. The company was founded in the year 2012 by Parag Gupta. So far the company has averted 1,500+ ton of waste, 820+ tons CO2, 17,000+ household served and reached around 600+ waste pickers.

Civil Hub

Founded by Grzegorz Warzecha, located in Warsaw, Poland, Civil Hub focuses to give power to common citizen. Suppose someone has an idea to create traffic lights on a particular crossroads in city, the platform helps to get lot of attention and support and later officials appear in comment section about the idea; whether it will be implemented  to build or not. It’s a free open source platform which allows collaboration within local communities. User can also add new ideas, polls, discussion, and guides for starting new projects. Currently Civil Hub is available across 40 countries which includes many European Countries, North America, Australia, South Africa and China.

Algaari Retail Ventures

Algaari Retail Ventures, established in 2015 by Sweta Joshi. The company’s vision is to work with nature and develop new ideas for society. Its product is Algaari’s Air Magic which helps in cleansing air with advance technology that does not removes the dust but also kills bacteria, viruses and removes odors as well as smoke resulting in pure and clean air. The company is based in Gujarat.


A US based startup Skydrop, LLC is another interesting startup which was founded in 2013. The company focuses on consumer electronics which helps conserve and save water resources. Its new device known as Skydrop Wi-Fi sprinkler dictates watering according to weather. It analyses whether Sunny or Rainy is and helps to make water decision for your lawn. This eventually saves your water, environment and in turn your money too. It also has intuitive smartphone app that allow us to receive notification about watering updates and also control your sprinklers from your smartphone itself.

What do you think about these environment innovative startups and how helpful they are conserving our earth? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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