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Retired Entrepreneurs can offer valuable insight to startups


Retired or Senior Entrepreneurs can offer insight to new rising startups on the basis of their experience. They can nurture decision making and connect startups with a valuable network.

Entrepreneurs who are already moving ahead towards their retirement, are one of the most experience professionals. Many startups are either started by those who own extensive knowledge in the sectors or by those who are willing to do something different. In this scenario Startups are missing out some of the most influential knowledge and insight they can get.

New Startups can harness their experience to project the future operations. Right now there is no platform that can connect retired entrepreneurs with rising companies. A few successful startups were founded by those who are done with their professional life and was about to live a peaceful retirement life. But something pushes them to re-work on a new idea and create a valuable company.

They have seen and observed the changing face of companies and has more strength in decision making.  So having an expertise in business would act as a guideline. There are hundreds of example you can find where, retired professionals were able to success in establishing valuable companies. For example Ray Kroc started McDonald’s at the age of 52. Today it is one of the biggest fast food chain.

Charles Flint founded IBM at the age of 61. Col. Harland Sanders founded KFC at the age of 62. Even after working for so long this professionals started their company and gain worldwide success. It is a kind of good examples for Startups how entrepreneurs’ who are senior can hold valuable insight.


  • Many retired entrepreneur’s started their business late and gain valuable success.
  • Their experience and insight can guide many new companies for growth.

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