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Retail Space Optimization 101: Read These 4 Tips If You Want to Maximize Your Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is one of the most common types of retail shelving. Gondola shelves are multi-functional and efficient, can be used to store almost anything, and are a good fit for just about any retail environment. Small retail store owners can read on to find four tips for how to maximize space using gondola shelving.

1. Use Clip Strips

Clip strips are thin pieces of metal or plastic equipped with hooks placed at regular intervals. They can be attached to Lozier Shelving and other types of gondola shelves to make extra space for well-performing merchandise. Clip strips also make it easy for store owners to cross-merchandise products that customers are likely to use together without having to invest in customized shelving. Here are a few ways to use clip strips for more affordable customization and more efficient use of space: • Use clip strips to hang merchandise that would normally be displayed on hooks or hangers.

Customize the clip strip to accommodate bulky or oddly-shaped products.

Use adhesive display strips for lightweight products. They give retailers the option of hanging merchandise even if it doesn’t come in packaging specifically designed to facilitate this display option.

Use printed display strips as an opportunity to increase brand exposure while simultaneously displaying popular products.

2. Install Grills for Small Products

Grills can be installed in gondola shelving to accommodate larger quantities of small products without having to stack the boxes directly on top of each other. Installing grills for smaller items won’t just optimize space. It will also make the products look neater, reduce the chances of embarrassing customers and damaging merchandise with dropped goods, and provide opportunities for customer education.

Grills can be customized to fit shelves. They come in two main varieties: fronts and frames. Grill frames fit onto the front and sides of a shelf, while fronts fit only onto the customer-facing portion of the shelf. Retail store owners can also choose between metal and Perspex grills, although most find that the latter is more visually appealing.

3. Use Pegboards

Pegboards are retail fixtures that feature small, equally spaced holes that allow store owners to position hooks, pegs, or baskets wherever they want. They’re perfect for merchandising products that don’t come in boxes and can’t stand by themselves. Pegboards offer more leeway than normal gondola shelving and more opportunities for cross-merchandising.

Try placing pegboards in between traditional gondola shelves to improve visual appeal and make it easier for customers to find the products they need. Even if they’re pressed for space, store owners should allow sufficient space between pegs or hooks to accommodate products and create an uncluttered appearance.

4. Consider Hanging Bars

Hanging bars are similar to pegboards, but they are spaced like shelves. This allows all products to hang at the same height. Hanging bars can also hold a greater quantity of items, offering retailers a good opportunity to maximize the use of space. Products will also appear well-organized, and retailers can add educational or marketing materials like pamphlets or coupons to further improve customer experiences.

The Bottom Line

The versatility of gondola shelving is part of what makes it so popular. Incorporate some of the ideas above to further maximize the use of space, enhance customer experience, and improve the appearance of the store.

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