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What is required to build a tech startup?


Tech Startups are the one that are built for profound servicing and high sales products. Some of the most valuable companies came out from Tech Startups

The word ‘startup’ has fast gained momentum, with several hundreds of them developing to address every problem that the new world faces. The government of India has even lent a particular definition for ‘startups’ to define their ambit. They have also gone on to devise incentives and plans for a holistic startup development in our country.

So what exactly is required to build a technological startup company?

Look for the problem. At the root of every startup is an aim, a problem each one is trying to address, through its service or through a product it has made. It primarily aims at solving a problem and making a difference.

The Big I – Finding investors who can lend not only monetary help to a startup but also share years of experience and contribute to the cause is a sine qua non.

Business Model – We at startup-buzz delineated in a post specially dedicated to how integral a business model development is for the startup company.

Know your product – Why are only techies mostly spearheading the new groundbreaking startups? An apparent response would be that they understand the product they are selling, in and out.

Team – A team makes an important part of any startup. Entrepreneurs cannot hope to take charge of everything themselves, only monitor. Hence, they must form around themselves and the company, a group of people on whose strong shoulders it functions.

Marketing – In this day and age, only building a product is not the end. One must make sure their product and its ideas and purpose reach the potential customers. Hence, marketing is essential.


  • Technology offers unique growth opportunity. Tech Startups have potential if the products and services have significant usability.
  • Certain stages involved in building up a tech startup like finding the problem, finding investors, creating a business model, understanding the product/services and building a team of skilled professionals.


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