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How to reduce stress while working at a Startup!

Working in a startup can get hectic as you ought to do multiple tasks at the same time. There are constant deadlines, meetings, brainstorming activities and pressure to do well. Amidst all of this, how does an entrepreneur maintain his calm and stress free? Here are some tips to help you out.

Remain fit. Staying physically fit reflects on the mind and body’s harmony. Ensure a healthier lifestyle, and stress at the workplace will keep itself at bay.

Manage. Organize and manage tasks at the earliest to avoid chaos.

Maintain a timetable. Schedule should be made to complete daily/weekly/monthly goals.  It makes working clutter-free and hence reduces stress.

Convey and communicate your problems and stress with your colleagues at the work place. Tell them what troubles you regarding the company, and seek to channelize stress into eustress that is productive and works toward meeting a certain end for you.

Environment. The environment that a startup functions in has to be made positive. This is done by a conscious effort of every person involved in the company. It should stimulate a work environment; this works a long way in keeping stress away in any workplace.

Plan in advance. This goes for meetings, deadlines and everything else that is part and parcel of the hectic startup industry. Planning in advance also includes bearing in mind the potential pitfalls that you may have to face.

Breaks. Taking regular breaks, off work helps reduce stress.

Work, yes. But life first! Learning how to detach from the work post its completion is imperative. One must avoid getting pulled into the vortex of living their work. It is not an attractive prospect to be living under stress all the time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Following a certain guidelines can help in keeping stress at bay.
  • Keeping the working environment of the organization positive is very crucial.
  • One should not carry his profession life’s stress in his personal life.

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