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Re:Brain Your Life with This Mind-Bending Project, ACTUM Technology Launches on Kickstarter

On 09.20.2017, ACTUM Technology launches a Kickstarter campaign for their pioneering device re:brain that uses a smart technology to track brain activity and help people intensify their daily lives.

Our brain is a drudge working all day and night shifts to process social, emotional, physical, and other data. Just like us, it needs rest and fresh restart – the concept that underpins the idea of reloading cognitive functions of cluttered 21st century minds. Therefore, ACTUM aims to introduce a unique and universal neuron-based formula for thought control: reb, rest, recuperation, refresh, and relax that correspond to five stages of the brain activity.

“The main idea behind our brain assessment tool is to give everybody an opportunity to get a lucid diagnosis of their cognitive activities,” said Boris Volkov, founder and CEO of ACTUM Technology. “You will have an instant access to the information about what you are actually capable of. It will help you improve your wellness and brain performance by monitoring, analysing, and customising your cognitive functions, experimenting with them. It is not just a gadget but a device that will help you know yourself and call your dormant gifts. Re:brain has no match when it comes to the functions offered”.

 Re:brain works by an EEG technology and is equipped with brain-sensing devices that were designed to meet anatomical needs and fit any head size. Apart from the casual version for monitoring daily and sleep activity, the company offers a re:brain device adjustable for sports allowing users not to only find and customise the timing for more natural sleep and improved work performance, but to find the perfect point in achieving higher results in sports. A defining feature of re:brain is that it does not simply pick up brain signals but sets up a biofeedback, thus stimulating a specific brain activity that results in a drastic decrease in depression symptoms. It is a known fact that stress created by our own mind is at the core of many disorders. Hence, our brain training aid is aimed at 1) reducing stress created by the mind which would have a positive impact on all other organs; and 2) offsetting the overall negative impact of stress.

 Besides the unique design that combines ergonomics and technical features, we have developed a singular math formula for interpreting biofeedback results.

 The device’s key features include:

  • Fully-fledged monitoring of brain activity across all frequency bands: alpha for relaxation, boosting the immune system and steady working capacity; beta for accelerated thinking and daily efficiency; gamma for improving memory and information processing; delta for releasing rejuvenating hormones, and theta for developing creativity and reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Not just another tracking gadget: Re:brain allows you to control your cognitive functions and develop new powers of your brain.
  • Simple-to-use: All data can be easily accessed via the special app downloaded to your smartphone. With the app, users may achieve multiple goals – from relaxing to beating depression.
  • Multi-functionality: Ideal for fitness tracking, sleep control, workload monitoring, relaxation.
  • Effective price policy: Early Kickstarter backers will be offered the lowest price at just 238$ (Save 50% off future retail price).

About ACTUM Technology: ACTUM Technology is a start-up from the United States founded by a team of passionate innovators in 2016. They had been working on relevant issues since 90s when the very first scientific and experiment results were obtained and pilot models of EEG biofeedback devices were developed. However, due to technological limits, those devices turned out to be too bulky to be used daily. The idea of the re:brain device was born in December, 1998. But the decision to hit the market with a mobile device this year was taken by the ACTUM Technology team in the light of the development of radio and electronic components, especially due to their miniaturization. This will be the company’s first Kickstarter campaign and ACTUM Technology expects to finalize the design and prototype testing by October 2017. The date of shipping Kickstarter backer units will be announced by the end of this year. More information about re:brain can be found on the website at

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