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PUMA Beatbot, a running companion for the Champions

PUMA Beatbot is a robot designed to push athletes to their limits. It runs with the runner and offers stats and important insights on their practice.

Robotics would take a lot of space in future. A lot of startups came out with unique innovations in robotics. Puma, a leading German multinational company that deals in sports accessories has recently unveiled PUMA Beatbot, a portable self-driving robot to coach runners.  It is built with 9 sensors to locate the running line. The app supports to display time frame required to complete a race and comparison with existing champions. Beatbot is unveiled in an introductory video, where it competes with Usain Bolt.

The video above shows how Beatbox keeps pace with Usain Bolt, the fastest runner and is able to surpass him in the race. Beatbot is programmable. It does not require any manual control. Through the sensors, it is able to track the race line. Beating the traditional method of racing of using a stopwatch, Beatbot can push athletes to perform a lot better. Having a current statistic of time taken to finish race and a direct competition with existing champion helps in knowing the current status of practice. Beatbot sends data to an app on a Smartphone. The app provides information on distance covered and speed.  Following the track it provides, a short but detailed view of running capacity of a racer can be thus known. The app provides a target time a racer can set, to run. And analyze later the best time he/she can achieve.

The robot is not released in the market yet. It is a costly tech, and available for only those athletes who are sponsored by Puma.

Just a prototype, Beatbot follows a line and its self-driving mechanism push the robot ahead of everyone. This would be first of its kind robot designed to train racers. With the help of Smartphone apps, racers can get stats on their training. Puma BeatBot also shows the existing racer’s record that can boost confidence. We had seen a lot of robotics usage are coming up in the sports and other categories. Recently we had covered a few startups that are working on the developing smart robots to teach, to train and to save file.

For example Trainerbot. A robot that teaches how to play ping pong. Users can customize it with the help of a Smartphone app. Trainerbot is designed to copy ping pong moves of ace players. It can sit well on any ping pong table and shoot balls in various direction.

Another example is a robot that is designed to save a life of people stuck in water. Emily is a robot that works like lifeguards. This remote controlled robot does not require any special landing place. It can enter into water easily, and run towards drowning victim. It is capable of pulling back to safety under extreme circumstances.

The last one we want to share is a toy for kids. This toy is a small robot that grows with time. It can teach programming to kids, it can help kids to improve thinking and social skills. The robots have variety of programs and teaches in the form of entertainment. A photon has the ability to grow with time by upgrading itself with the new set of skills.

Finally, more robots are designed to help people in various ways. Like a Tokyo-based startup has created a robot that can train novice dentist. Drones are used to delivery products and to track people. Various sensors based  wearable gadgets are also coming up in future.



  • Puma Beatbot is a costly tech. A portable self-driving robot to coach runners.
  • It has Go Pro camera to record the race and offers statistics on distance covered and speed.

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