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Prophix, Your Personal Dentist


Say cheese while brushing your teeth!

Brushing your teeth properly is an important habit; especially for kids. They need to be taken care off. If not monitored properly, brushing goes for a toss. Gum diseases are common amongst children and leads to various health problems. In order to avoid this, make sure that your kids brush and clean properly in each and every corner of your mouth. You don’t need to personally take care while your kids are brushing. Onvi, a US-based startup has developed a smart brush, Prophix that gives real-time images of your mouth. It has a camera installed in it. A perfect assistant for your mouth!

You can connect the brush with your smartphone via its dedicated app. When you begin brushing, a live video will stream on your device screen that will help not only your kids but also you to properly clean the teeth. You can also reach the edges and corners that were ignored before. Prophix cost $400 with removable attachments.

Do you really need a camera in the brush?

Regular brushes are limited to cleaning apparent teeth. Prophix that acts as your personal dentist has removable attachments. It is not just a brush. You can add a tiny mirror on it, or prophy cup or the brush. Not only you can clean your teeth, but you can also check out the parts that were not visible before. The toothbrush has a 10MP HD camera that record videos and take pictures. It can also be used by a dentist to cure tooth problems.

While brushing your teeth is always necessary, for some it is not sufficient. For those with alignment issues more care will be needed. One orthodontist offering braces in Calgary provides the useful advice that you must have a professional examine your mouth at least annually to ensure that there are no problems. Of course, no dentist will advise against brushing but there are many other things that might be needed!

Takeaways :-

  • Prophix is a $400 toothbrush with 10MP HD camera installed in it, which helps you to see inside your mouth.
  • This smart toothbrush has removable attachments. Users can click pictures or record videos for dental issues.

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