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PR important for a new startup

In the competitive startup arena, only having made a product that caters to millions does not help. In this day and age, the sine qua non for the product is making sure your product does reach to the millions, and impacts them in the manner that you want your product to affect. And so the PR comes in picture.

When a product is launched, no matter how good it is, it does rely on some sort of deliberate or inadvertent PR machinery to boost its sales. Most people traditionally hold the belief that if your product is good enough, word spreads. That is, if the product appeals to people, it will build potential customers. Also, prior to the launching of the product, a press release serves as a connection between your product and its potential customers. Therefore, how your product is brought to the fore is important. This is also extremely essential because it builds up a personality for your product, slowly making its way into becoming a brand. PR is what bridges the gap between turning a product into a brand on its own.

An aggressive round of networking makes sure your startup and its services are reaching to the ears of the potential customers, and hence work on building and expanding customer base.

PR is also essential because you get feedback about the services your startup offers. This presents itself as an opportunity to work according to the feedback, alter and deliver your product to suit the needs of what the customers are looking for. Many startups fail to understand this part of PR, which leads to significant decline in customer base. Startups must use public relations management as a tool for actually working upon the inputs of the user and delivering upon the promises. This starts to build a connection between the user and the brand, establishing a name.

Making your startup (yourself, its employees) accessible to the people is also necessary. Because as they say, ‘transparency is the new marketing’.


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