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Podo’s Bluetooth-enabled Cameras Are Redefining Smartphone Photography

Podo Offers More Flexibility

The San Francisco-based tech startup, Podo, is out with a camera that it claims will redefine the way people have been clicking photos on their smartphones. Company president, Eddie Lee, thinks that smartphone users have long awaited a more flexible way of clicking photos, and Podo’s new 2nd generation camera is all about that and more. What’s more? The camera offers better connectivity, improved sensors, better lens, and all this at quite affordable price- $49. Plus, it has a SUPERPOWER-the sticky back.

About Podo

Podo made waves last year with its successful Kickstarter campaign selling Podo 1st Generation camera, which was cool. This year, with the 2nd generation edition, Podo has cranked up the cool-quotient further.

Superpower USP- Now, Stick, Click, Share!

At the back of Podo, there lies a micro-adhesive sticky pad that can be attached to a tree, wall, door or any surface. Now, you can click a picture anytime, anywhere without worrying about anything. The next best part about this camera is its new and improved sensor with larger pixels. Without the limitations of a restrictive mobile body, Podo 2nd Gen camera can now offer greater dynamic range and better performance in low-light shots. And it doesn’t heat up upon repeated clicks too.

Other Features Include….

A 5 MP camera to share sharper, better pics on social media; 720p video recording @30fps; and built-in battery charged via USB. It also has 8GB on board memory. Plus, Podo directly sends all the photos to your smartphone wirelessly.

Are you heading to Kickstarter to check it out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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