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Pinterest Paves Way To Video Ads

Pinterest is No Different!

 When advertisers are constantly in a hunt for social platforms to run their video ads, why will they forget Pinterest?

Pinterest is said to be one of the most engaging discovery-driven platforms on the internet. From the past few weeks, Pinterest has rolled out a native video player on demand of the advertisers. When the advertisers pay for the video advertisement on Pinterest, they get access to all other traditional metrics as an add-on factor that they can follow. Moreover, the advertisers can opt to stick a few featured pins below the video. This feature acts like a twist for them. History says longer pins have done really well on the site.

Agree or not, the experience of video watching is incomparable with any other form of visuals. Firstly, Pinterest was not keen on video. Before rolling our video ads concept, they experimented with a format called Cinematic Pins.

Pinterest’s video advertising gives advertisers the option of dropping products right in the sightline of viewers, which could be effective across a broader array of content.

How does it work?

Even video ads work the same way. Users can purchase all the services like simply browsing, discover products, logging in them directly and buying them at once for a lifetime.

Will advertisers really appreciate the native video ads? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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