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Pickcel Digital Signage Platform offers digital advertising for local business

Pickcel offers hassle free online digital platform to display ads on digital screen established in different parts of Bangalore city.

Pickcel is a Digital Signage platform. It is founded by for people. They are Debnath Basudev Saha, Abhijit Chaudhary, Rajesh Bhattacharjee and Subrata. The founders aim in giving a platform to local business at affordable cost. The platform provides advertising on digital screen set on commercial premises. For example a digital screen at railway platform, screen at malls, etc.

The platform is providing a hassle free affordable advertising, where different advertisers can simply pick the location for their ads to be displayed and boost their sales.  The format is ideal for local retailers who could not afford to go for TV or Newspaper. Both the platform covers large audience but at the same time it is also costly.

For local retailer’s having coverage is small location helps to gain more on the sales part.  Pickcel has a network of digital screen setup at commercial places.  The startup is around a 6 month old and has is performing well. It has been used by many corporates. Pickcel is a Bangalore based company that works on a cloud based delivery platform. It has a Pickcel Player that can be used for delivering ad’s on digital screen on different schedule.

The content is visible along with the DTH content. The company aim in creating a hassle free online platform for advertisers to create their ad and display. Through the official site you can select the location to display ad. Powered by Google maps an advertiser can select the marking or address where digital screens are installed. Advertising can buy the space directly online.


  • Pickcel offers advertising through digital signage. It has network of screens around the city.
  • Advertisers can book an ad space online and pay for it. They can also create their own digital content.

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