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Phone feature that charges in 15 minutes – OPPO

The Mobile World Congress for the year 2016 has commenced in Barcelona. It has had several companies taking on the platform to showcase new and exciting products. It is serving as an interactive medium between the companies and consumers across the world. Competent smartphones- low prices – and a load of other features are being delivered to attract a larger multitude of user base for their products.

A Chinese smartphone maker has unveiled the Oppo Phone which is claims can charge a completely dead phone in – yes – 15 minutes!


Widely improving upon the lithium-ion battery, it has unveiled the prototype of this phone at the Barcelona Mobile Congress- 2016. And it promises to deliver upon safe, low-temperature charging. It being the company’s Voltage Open loop multi-step constant current charging- or abbreviated as the VOOC charging system.

The last we witnessed a growth of such magnitude was when Qualcomm revealed its fast charging technology that could charge a 2,750 mAh battery to 80% in 35 minutes using up to 12V.
The Oppo Phone will charge a 2,500 milliampere-hour (mAh) battery within 15 minutes using a low-voltage pulse-charge system, operating at 5 volts (V).

In recent times, people have been vying for a device to put an end to their charging woes.

Oppo has already overtaken Samsung in China and is slowly establishing its way into the league of Huawei and Xiaomi smartphone makers.

But it will yet be quite some time until we get to see this feature available on devices.

Many are skeptical about this company delivering upon its word, yet if they do- it is going to mark a great benchmark and make its way into a quickly established name.

With the mobile ecosystem forever on the increase, Samsung and Apple are no longer the only key players. They may be well established, one can assign certitude to that notion. But now what? – asks the consumer. In a rapid response to this question and several queries of the like are several smartphone companies on the rise, all armed with the notion to attract an active user base, whether this will be sustainable is for time to decide. As of now, we are going to have to watch every new company unravel some new technology and hook in users for a transient period.


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