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Oust Labs Inc Teaches How To Crack Exams Through Gaming

Gamification is a new branch in instructional designing which has immense scope and potential. The reason why this new idea of learn through games emerged is because of the decreasing attention span of human beings who can no longer concentrate on a book or a lecture for a long time. It is very important to engage the learners, and games achieve the most engagement. Thus learning through gaming becomes a great idea to learn deep concepts and ideas. Realizing this potential of gamification, Edtech startup Oust Labs Inc has come up with courses that is delivered through mobile gaming technology, meant for students preparing for competitive exams.The company has tie up with schools, colleges and coaching centers. Currently, the company has offices in India and US.

Edtech startup Oust Labs has successfully received seed funding from  the former Infosys director T V Mohandas Pai and Aarin Capital. The funders were highly impressed by the idea of gamification where there is a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We are focusing on building a highly engaging platform that can be leveraged by content providers. We are also focused on building a mobile-first product that engages users far deeply in short bursts of time”, said ShrikantLatkar, the founder of Oust Labs. He also added that the raised funding will be spent on the product development and also for marketing purposes. Just like Edtech, many other education based startups have successfully raised fundings from the angel investors.


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