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Otto Merges With Uber To Add In Uber’s Self-Driving Car Effort

  Great Going Uber!

Uber and Otto Joins for the Same Purpose

After a big surprise of launching self-driving rides in Pittsburgh, now Uber takes another huge step in the self-driving car space by acquiring Otto with its all-star team. Otto has been working on self-driving technology to fit into existing trucks. In fact, Otto wants to focus a kind of self-driving kit instead of developing its own self-driving vehicles and creates its own lidar sensors. Uber was looking for such partner who has the same strategy and this similarity in thoughts gave birth to this acquisition.

Great Huge Team

And as Otto’s team is concerned, all the members are well experienced in the self-driving space and have worked previously with Google, Tesla, Apple where as Lior Ron was head at Google Maps and believes that mapping is a main element of the self-driving cars. Uber does not want to dismantle this team of 91 employees, so it decided that Levandowski will lead the Uber’s self-driving project, whereas the existing Otto office in San Francisco will now become an Uber R&D center.

Expectations from Future

By combining Otto’s technology Uber will get a push in mapping and also get stronger than before for putting self-driving cars on the road. Uber believes that with this integration it will use its massive user base to tap into the ride data and also improve its mapping solution.

Does this step of Uber bring some more innovations in self- driving cars space? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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