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OLO Portable 3D printer prints directly through a Smartphone screen

OLO portable is the first unique portable 3D printer that works through a smartphone screen. A smart way to print and build up 3D objects.

The era of Startup’s had helped us seen a lot of innovative products and services. Many of them are designed to ease life of people through some innovative product or to initiate a smooth business process or to help enterprises. Among the entire startup scenario some products popup as unique, crazy and awesome. Olo is one among the huge list. Not really a startup but a kind of tool that can re-shape the era of 3D printing.

Olo is a portable 3D printer that can be used with smartphones. Backed by Kickstarter this amazing small printer can help users to create real 3D object via smartphone. It can be a helpful tool in learning process, creating miniature models, etc. The product is created by noocleo dynamic team. 3D printers before were imagined as big product that needs space and appropriate skills to operate. But OLO is compact model where you can use your smartphone to operate the printer and create miniature models through it.

The printer cost approx. $99. It is easy to carry due to its portable design and light weight. It works with a special photopolymer resin. This is also provided by the printer manufacturer. OLO does not require any app for using the printer. It just uses the phone screen to print object out of it.


  • OLO is the first unique 3D printer that can turn the object on smartphone screen to reality.
  • It works with various smartphones. The printer is easy to use and works through a special photopolymer resin.

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