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OLA Micro Cab services is now available in 75 more cities across India

OLA extended the Micro Cab service in 75 more cities across India. It is among the most affordable cab services in the country.

OLA Micro, with Rs.6 per kilometer has become the most affordable cab service in India. The service has now extended it service to 75 more cities across India. OLA has now surpassed Uber in Low-Cost AC cab services. Presently, OLA is the 3rd most valued startup in India. Instead of hiking its prices, it came out with more affordable services. This will attract a whole lot of new commuters.

Private cab services are successful in metropolitan cities which lack good public transport. Especially in peak hours using public transport would cost a lot of time. OLA Micro was available in limited number of cities before, but expanding the service would let commuters enjoy affordable travelling.

Till date, no other cab service is offering Rs.6 per kilometer fare charge. Commuters can pick from Mini, Prime and Micro. Mini cost Rs. 10 per kilometer, Prime Rs.13 per kilometer and Micro costs Rs.6 per kilometer. Passengers get choices to choose a cab that fits their need.

With already 50% of coverage in cab service industry, OLA’s affordable service might soon increase this number in near future. It has raised overall $1.18 billion in 7 rounds of funding. OLA‘s market share is gradually rising and would soon surpass its native competitors.


  • Hire OLA Micro Cab now on Rs.6 per kilometer with minimum billing of Rs.45.
  • OLA has introduced Micro service in 75 more cities across India

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