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Now Share your belongings with Friends through Omni

Are your favourite items consuming the spaces in your closet? The on-demand Storage startup Omni makes it possible to store them outside your home and also easily access them. The company also makes those items available for your friends and people around you and in your local community.

Although there are companies like Clutter, MakeSpace and Trove that bring the same services online, Omni alone provides on-demand storage. What makes Omni different from other storage startups companies is that it categorizes the users’ items at different levels.

As you store the items, Omni doesn’t stop at just collecting them in a warehouse somewhere. It follows various steps like identifying, categorizing, photographing. These items can then be handled using the Mobile App. At any time, users can take the items back from the storage and they are delivered to them within the minimum time of two hours of request.

Omni users who surf on the weekend, who just want to keep their items like a sporting gear in storage, can take it only when they need them. And now, the company also wants to make these items available for your friends and people around in the local community.

Omni VP of Product and Growth, Ryan Delk believes that what they launched is the ability for the owner of the items to make it available for their friends and people around. It was always in the part of its master plan as they have itemized more than 1,00,000 items from last 18 months of its launch.

Omni charges users of small goods $0.50 per item per month and users of large items $3 per month. The pick-up and delivery charges are also determined based on how soon the item is needed to form the inventory. Omni charges $20 for items to be delivered within 3 hours and $3 for the next day delivery.

What is your opinion on storing your items and sharing it with your friends and neighbors? Will it be useful? Let us know your opinions by sharing it in the comment section given below.

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