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Now reserve a Uber cab before a month

One Month advance cab booking!

Uber leading taxi aggregators has introduced a one month advance booking service for commuters. Starting from 30 minutes to 30 days, you can book and reserve cab for your future travelling. Ola offers 10hours prior booking, while other cab aggregators provide service on-demand. Advance booking is not so popular among the cab service providers, but it is an vital service required. It took long for the companies to find out the importance of service for India. Uber has officially announced this service under Scheduled Rides feature.

The service is available worldwide. Commuters can ensure a confirmed booking inside a huge time frame. Before 24 hours of scheduled date, users will receive a first confirmation reminder. Second will be before half an hour of ride. In case the plan changes, it is easier for users to cancel the ride. The service is only limited to UberX cabs.

What is the benefit of advance booking?

Schedule rides helps if you have a plan ahead in future to reach airport, or any other transportation for outstation travelling. On the basis of departure time, users can set the date and reserve a cab. This remove the hassle of finding cab at the moment. Reserved booking also ensure tension free ride availability. It is necessary to check the reminder before taking the cab. The reminder will notify about the surge pricing at the moment. Surge pricing in major cities, but not in Delhi as it is officially warned by PM to revoke it.


  • Book a UberX from 30 minutes before to 30 days via Uber app.
  • Two reminders will be send to users for the final cab ride before 24hours and 30minutes of schedule date.

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