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New Wearable thermoelectric generators to create electricity

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can wisely be regenerated!

History bears witness that science has led to us create innovative products time and again, Very recently scientist has come up with one more interesting & cool invention. North Carolina State University’s scientists have created a lightweight, wearable thermoelectric generator which will convert body heat into electricity. Yes you heard absolutely correct, indeed innovation knows no boundaries.

According to them, this invention can generate more electricity than all the previous heat wearable technologies. Moreover they also spotted most ideal body place for easier heat harvesting. This device takes help of body-conforming patch and helps to create 20 μW per centimeter square.

This new improved design starts with a layer of thermally conductive material which helps in spreading out the heat. In order to prevent the heat from dissipating due to outer atmosphere air, the conductive material is layered with polymer. The thickness about the material is about 2 mm and is very flexible.


DaryooshVashaee, who worked on the project as part of the National Science Foundation’s Nano systems Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) at NC states“In this prototype, the TEG is only one centimeter squared, but we can easily make it larger, depending on a device’s power needs.” as mentioned in their blog.

He further adds “The goal of ASSIST is to make wearable technologies that can be used for long-term health monitoring, such as devices that track heart health or monitor physical and environmental variables to predict and prevent asthma attacks,to do that, we want to make devices that don’t rely on batteries. And we think this design and prototype moves us much closer to making that a reality.”

So what do you think of this new wearable thermoelectric generators will be onset of new industry alltogether? Do share your thoughts in your comment section below.

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