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New Startup Woo Set Eyes On Job Seekers

On Tuesday, Woo inaugurated a specialized job stage that will work a bit like a programmer working between LinkedIn and The prospective users provide list of their experience, their search related to as flexible hours, a raise, a better commute, etc, and then wait for the companies to contact them. Companies relate through the prospective job with the skill and potential of the candidates and if the company’s search ends at the appropriate candidate and the candidates demands also gets fulfilled then the two gets matched.

Woo which has bagged $ 2.35 million in seed investment, serves to engineers and other tech workers workers who are searching for prospective jobs in Bay Area. The company manages out of San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

It is connecting various budding startups pursuing to simplify the job search process, as Michelle Quinn reported last week. As per the data from Glassdoor, more than half of the job seekers reports are using their mobile devices to search for work atleast once a day.

The key to Woo is that the process is completely unidentified for the job hunters, said co-founder & CEO Liran Kotzer. The company looks at the type of work experience the job seeker has, excluding all the names. As the match is made between the two , the prospective candidate has 2 days time to decide whether it has to disclose his or her information to the company that wants to chase them.


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