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New Plastic – Free Products Leading to Greener Society

As we are progressing and developing various new technologies in this 21’st century, alongside we are also contaminating our planet earth with various pollutants and contaminants.  Nowadays scientist and experts are producing and discovering new items which would minimize the pollution and lead to greener earth.

Inquisitive to know about them, well here few :-

Ooho  : It is made from edible membrane that consists of 100% seaweed and plant which can encapsulate spirits, soft drinks, water and moreover cosmetics too. The Ooho membrane is biodegradable as it takes only four to six weeks to decompose. This means it’s pollution-free and makes it very high sustainable. Ooho edible water bottles should be consumed freshly as they have less shelf life.  The membrane is developed by Skipping Rocks Lab and the packaging is done by London-based startup. The lab is trying their best to standardize to implement fully-automated production machine for Ooho.  The capsules or blobs have been tested at various events such as private functions, conferences, festivals held at London, San Francisco, and Boston respectively.
The developers are looking forward to test Ooho at various major events such as Virgin Sports, Live Nation and others in 2018.

Adidas Biodegradable Shoes
Adidas is renowned for its innovation shoe products which have been produced by out of box ingredients such as sneakers from ocean plastic. It has other variety products such as 3D-printed products, robotic made shoes. Now recently it has revealed all new, biodegradable footwear made from artificial spider silk. These shoes are said to be complete vegan and has excellent durability. With these shoes, Adidas will step closer to nature’s sustainability.
Bee’s Wrap : Worried about the plastic wrap’s waste, Sarah Kaeck created a substitute by developing Bee’s Wrap – a reusable and environment friendly wrap for foods. The invention was preceded by a simple quest to provide plastic free replacement wrap in our kitchen for more sustainable and healthier way to store the foods. It is made up of muslin cloths which is immersed in beeswax, jojoba oil and trees resin. The cloth is still until it presented in the heat of foods wrapping. It is reusable all one has to do is wash them in cool water and dry it for reuse.

Other than these, various innovative products are being used in market to minimize the plastic usage. Recycled plastic is making great buzz. In Amsterdam, waste plastic are developed into green plastic coins. With the help of these coins one can avail freebies, discounts from local shops. Day by day more people are using this.

What do you think about these innovative products and how well would they contribute for greener society? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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