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Negative impact of bad social media strategy for Startups

There is a huge impact of Social Media strategy if it is not framed well. We cover a few crucial points in the article.

We at have continuously, through previous articles delineated the importance of social media in the life span of a startup company. However, this social media forum is a massive enterprise. And for a startup to venture into it, it must possess clear understanding of what it seeks to establish through the medium. Several startups fail to outline their purpose and do not develop an effective communication model, hence really negating impacts of social media on their company.

Not understanding and outlining their possibilities ends up working against a startup in a social media forum. The question entrepreneurs must ask themselves is exactly what they seek to obtain out the platform that is at their disposal. Not determining goals clearly works against most startups.

Not learning before implying – Social media for marketing is still a relatively new idea that is yet gaining momentum. The tried and the tested too fail sometimes. Hence a clear understanding of  the social media and the opportunities it can afford your particular company must be studied . Its possible successes and probable pitfalls must be measured too.

Not being responsive. One of the primary purposes of social media is to establish a relationship with the consumers. A lot of companies, while active on social media, fail to address grievances of the first hand consumers – by not responding affirmatively to queries, grievances, problems that the product may pose to them.

Studied strategies. It has to be understood that not every strategy would work for every company.

Team. A social media team that not only responds to consumers, but also is effective in implementing their notions . They are the key people in developing a product into a brand. From translating the utility of the product to something people would need.


  • Social Media strategy do has a good impact on the online reputation of a startup.
  • The reach lets startups to promote their products and services on global level. A good strategy plays vital role on brand reputation management.

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